The 2020 Belize Gold Book Launches August 15

by Carolee Chanona

The Gold Standard for Belize Travel: Tourism Health & Safety 

The 2020 Belize Gold Book launches August 15!

Debuting online this Saturday, the newest publication to the print and online resource of Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle (CC+L) comes with a modest goal: being the leading travel resource on Belize. Like past issues, the Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book will provide a true sense of Belize – a destination with an outstanding collection of people, places, and cultures, while Belize continues to prepare for the reopening of tourism to international visitors. However, it is important to safeguard the health and safety of both residents and guests now, more than ever. As such, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) is actively working with industry partners to share Belize’s enhanced health and safety protocols for the tourism industry.

Travel experts indicate that when global travel does resume, no longer will price be a determining factor in choosing vacation destinations. Instead, health and safety protocols will reign supreme. Widespread education of these new enhanced protocols is key to visitors feeling safe to travel to Belize. To this end, the BTB has partnered with McNab Publishing Ltd. (MPL) to merge Caribbean Lifestyle’s Summer Issue with Belize’s new Safety Standards to create the Belize Gold Book: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel.

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle  

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle (CCL) is a part of the McNab Visual Portfolio, with the Belize Gold Book being the newest expansion of the travel brandWithin, the Belize Gold Book will cover all Belize tourism-related businesses and topics; from legends in the industry to rising stars. With the world moving at a fast pace and publications traditionally static, Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle seamlessly blends multimedia platforms.

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