3 Sustainable Stays for Earth Day (And The Rest of Earth Month) in Belize

by Madeleine Guerra
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Considering that Earth Day 2021—celebrated April 22— is fast approaching, we are highlighting 3 of the best sustainable Belize stays that deserve some serious spotlight. For these resorts, Earth Day is celebrated everyday with their carefully designed initiatives that represent the backbone of their work and recognize the reality of the threats facing the globe today. After all, Belize doesn’t need a specific day or month honor an eco-ethos. Here’s the line up:  

Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

Hamanasi aerial Emily Kaszton belize sustainable

An aerial of Hamanasi by Emily Kaszton.

Having been awarded the Belize Tourism Board’s Sustainability Award, and the Caribbean Hospitality Industry Exchange Forum’s Environmental Sustainability Best Practice Award, among many other awards and certificates, Hamanasi Resort is a leader in sustainable tourism in Belize. Among the resort’s initiatives is their on-site recycling program, sustainable design that encourages natural light and naturally cooling alternatives, aerators to reduce water waste, and eco friendly shower products. Guests enjoy refillable (complimentary) stainless steel water bottles for reduced plastic bottle use. As of 2019, Hamanasi Resort completely banned the use and sale of sunscreens that are unsafe for the reef and marine species. That year, they embarked on an educational campaign to spread awareness of harmful sunscreen ingredients and the impact of marine life. After all, Hamanasi is a leader in sustainable practices and sustainable educational initiatives.   

Gaia Riverlodge

Named after the Greek goddess of the earth, Gaia Riverlodge truly embodies its namesake. Besides, Gaia prioritizes sustainability while maintaining luxury across the resort. Here, you are one with nature; each of the accommodation experiences welcomes you to be a part of the surroundings and reconnects you to mother earth. Having been certified by the Green Globe Award, Gaia Riverlodge operates on hydropower. Besides that, it also features a sustainable design and embraces a farm to table approach. It’s on-site restaurant is a wonder for eco-conscious foodies. All fruits and vegetables are sustainably sourced from Gaia’s on-site organic garden managed by a local expert using Maya-based strategies for sustainable farming. If you’re ready, then enter promo code EB21 for 15% off, valid on bookings from June through September. Earth Day in Belize is just another day at Gaia! 

Ray Caye Island Resort

Ray Caye is a private island that’s so exclusive and luxurious, there’s only 20 rooms; at maximum capacity the island will only have 48 guests with both public and private areas. Located just 18 miles off the coast of today’s trendy Placencia Peninsula, the former Hatchet Caye Resort received an extreme makeover from new owners with the resort officially re-opening its doors as Ray Caye in January 2020. The vibe? Pure jungle and aquatic paradise with a twist. You see, this gorgeous place also happens to be a state-of-the-art ecological resort; Ray Caye relies on a newly-installed solar energy system called TESLA Powerwall. This cutting edge technology is the wave of the future throughout the globe. The island runs fully on sunshine about 90% of the time! All in all, this off-the-grid paradise is self-sustaining thanks to the installation of pioneering energy and water systems.

Header image courtesy Hamanasi Adventure and Dive Resort

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