5 Easy, Healthy Snacks in San Pedro Town

by Dion Vansen

Following a healthy diet has many benefits, like boosting your mood and preventing diseases, although many believe it’s expensive and challenging. We don’t share the same opinion, and for those into eating a balanced diet, we have a couple of suggestions for healthy snacks when visiting San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye. These places are very affordable and known for their nutritious bites and drinks. The best part? They’re right downtown. Downtown San Pedro is known to be the commerce hub on the island with a bit of everything for everyone. Besides being a melting pot of different tastes in the culinary industry, check out these areas where you can get something delicious without breaking your diet.

1. Fruteria Michell

Located in the center of downtown San Pedro on Pescador Drive, this small fruit shop is a go-to for fresh daily produce. Here, find everything from citrus to papaya, seasonal mangos, bananas, pineapples, watermelon, melons, apples, and imported grapes. And for US$3, enjoy their specialty: fruit salad. Diced and packaged to go, it’s a great way to either start the day or a between-meal healthy snack. This fruit shop opens early morning, but if you want a fruit salad, get there before they sell out midday.

2. Izzy’s Smoothies, Snack & Juice

About two blocks north of Fruteria Michell on Pescador Drive, you’ll find another popular health hotspot on the island, this time for freshly-blended smoothies. At Izzy’s, the smoothie choices are almost endless: pick from any combination for as low as US$6 per smoothie. Or, grab one of their signature smoothies instead, like their famous Hulk Juice for US$6; for those looking to reset, try the Detox juice for US$5; and for those looking for a simple refresher, go for the Island Cooler that brings cantaloupe, watermelon, pineapple and orange juice for US$3. Single favors are also available upon request. Of importance, is that Izzy’s Smoothies boasts no added sugar.

3. DandE’s

If you are looking to cool down that heat usually associated with the Caribbean climate, then stop by DandE’s for some fresh homemade deliciousness. Open usually after 1 PM, DandE’s is a small family shop located on Pescador Drive serving homemade frozen custard and sorbet. They take pride in delivering the best and most natural product. The base mix for their frozen custard is imported from the United States, then combined with local ingredients to produce an amazing and unbeatable treat using a patented continuous-flow machine. Servings here start from US$3 for singles and US$6 for doubles.

Make sure you stop by DandE’s for that delicious healthy frozen treat in the afternoon or have it as dessert after dinner. You will not regret it!

4. Juice Dive

With a view of Central Park and the sea from Barrier Reef Drive, Juice Dive is a Belizean-owned cold-pressed juicer and restaurant. It prides itself in serving healthy breakfast and lunch including wraps starting from BZ$16, and salads from BZ$20. Indeed, it is a haven for vegetarians and vegans. One of their popular choices includes the Acai bowls but interestingly, the Detox Bowl is chockful of  One of them is the Detox Bowl, which includes orange juice, apple, pineapple, banana, blackberries, activated charcoal, topped with coconut shreds, chia seeds, and granola. Juice is also another good recommendation for pressed juices. A very good choice is the Blue Majik for detoxing the body as well and comes at a price of BZ$12.

5. Manelly’s

Manelly’s, located on Barrier Reef Drive right across from the San Pedro Lions Den, has been serving the island with its fruit-based paletas since 1985. While the place also serves homemade ice cream, it is popularly known for its refreshing paletas. There are different flavors ranging from watermelon, mango, coconut, papaya, and even combos like mango and chamoy or banana and chocolate. Each of these refreshing sweet treats starts from BZ$1.50, BZ$2.50, and up to BZ$4. 

While these spots for healthy snacks may work well if you want to stay downtown, don’t forget to venture south and north of town for even more. In the meantime, these 5 healthy snacks are sure not to disappoint you while downtown San Pedro, Belize! 

Header image via Juice Dive/Facebook. All other images courtesy Dion Vansen, unless stated otherwise.

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