5 Ways Coronavirus Could Forever Change The Way We Travel 

by Larry Waight

When the tragic events of 9/11 occurred, the airline industry forever changed the way we go through airport security, pack our bags, and board planes. The increased travel security has since became our new normal. That is, until the COVID-19 coronavirus. Today, the pandemic is unlike anything else we’ve seen in our lifetime, and even compared to the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic. Once again, people around the world are adjusting when, where, and how they travel because of this novel disease. Here are 5 ways the coronavirus may affect how you travel to, from, and even within Belize.

More Driving, Less Flying

The airlines have been hit especially hard during this pandemic. Invisible to the naked eye, travelers are now hyperaware of the virus on a plane’s most commonly touched surfaces. Even traveling while the pandemic was first linked with public transportation, people began taking extra precautions to sanitize seats, tray tables, and their area. And while some travelers were stuck across domestic borders, many opted to get behind the wheel of a car instead. Road-trips will likely see a surge in popularity given how much lower exposure is to the traveler in a (private) vehicle. Plus, a cross-country road trip is a fast-track to quality time with your passengers. 

Checking Off Your Bucket List

Once it’s safe to travel again, you may see this as an opportunity to finally take that trip to Belize you’ve always said you would before coronavirus. And while none of us know what the future holds, travel will likely play a role in escapism post-isolation. While daydreaming about travel at home, we encourage you to keep Belize high on that bucket list. Traveling will be unexpected. Your window for that long-awaited beach vacation or tropical jungle excursion will come, and Belize is a destination worth waiting for. 

Traveling to Lesser-known Locations

Instead of the usual favorites, start looking for those hidden gems off the beaten path. Places like Belize’s southern peninsula or a near-private island will be less crowded, and less expensive, than some of the popular hotspots. Weave a little curiosity into your itinerary for an authentic and unforgettable Belize adventure. 

Taking Precautions

Experts expect the world to continue its coronavirus precautions and habits, even after the world gets ahead of the pandemic. That means when you line up to board that plane, you’ll already be conditioned to keep your 1 meter distance, personal hygiene habits,  and wear your protective face mask. Likely, we may find new ways to greet people  besides kissing and handshaking. As you leave your home to travel, these healthy habits will become routine.

Buying Travel Insurance

Before the coronavirus pandemic, you might’ve viewed travel insurance as an unnecessary expense. Today, you may think twice before calling it an unnecessary expense. Airlines continue to waive fees for rebooking, extending travel windows up to 2 years, with offering full refunds. Post-pandemic, airlines may not be as flexible given their losses. If you’re traveling to Belize, you’ll find the benefits  may find out the benefits of a “cancel for any reason” insurance policy far outweighs the cost.

Our world is changing every day. None of us know what tomorrow brings. However, borders will re-open and we will travel again. When we do, we’ll be entering a new age of commute. 

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