Belize Is One of 7 Countries Where You Can Retire by the Beach – T+L

by Khaila Gentle
“If there’s Heaven for me I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.” – Jimmy Buffet

Dreaming of retiring near the sea? Well, it might not be as farfetched a longing as you might think. Travel + Leisure Magazine recently shared a list of 7 countries where Americans can afford to retire near the beach. Belize, of course, is among them.

“In most of the U.S., property by the seashore comes at a premium, and home prices are out of reach for many retirees,” says T+L writer Patricia Doherty. “However, quite a few countries around the world offer pristine beaches, low cost of living, and attractive lifestyles, making them affordable destinations for those whose hearts are set on beachfront living.”

Here’s what the renowned travel magazine had to say about retiring by the beach in Belize.


Placencia, Belize. Photo by the Belize Tourism Board.

While it’s not the lowest-cost option for retiring on the beach, Belize offers many advantages. First, there are miles of gorgeous coastline, and for a change of scenery, there’s a dense rainforest on the mainland. The overall cost of living is about 28% lower than in the United States, and rent is 73% lower. Residents speak English, and both Belize currency and the U.S. dollar are accepted. The Qualified Retired Person Residency Program, an easy way to establish residency, requires income of at least $24,000 annually along with a background and medical check.

Belize ranks among other countries like Ecuador, Thailand, and Colombia.

This article was adapted from Travel + Leisure’s 7 Countries Where You Can Afford to Retire by the Beach, first published in April 2022, which you can read in its entirety here

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