7 Things You Need To Know About Food And Drink In Belize

by Larry Waight

From bright, fresh fruit to organic chocolate, Belize is a great place to chow down on all kinds of tasty treats. It’s also a great place for farm and agriculture tours. Here are some Belize food facts you should know.

Belize Boasts a Diverse Array of Cultures and Flavors

The rich cultural mix of Belize’s people has created a food scene that’s varied, colorful, and unique. The blend of Afro-Caribbean, Mexican, Central American, Maya, English, and Dutch influences all add their own special flavors to Belize’s culture and food.

Rice and Beans Is the National Dish

belizean food

Once the largest ethnic groups in Belize, the Creole (Kriol) have left enduring marks on Belizean culture. Besides, everyone here speaks Kriol, and everyone here enjoys the Kriol-inspired national dish of rice and beans. This simple, flavorful combination is eaten at all times of the day.

Chocolate is a Belizean Specialty

The ancient Maya were one of the earliest people to indulge in chocolate, and the tradition of cultivating cacao lives on in Belize. Maya families still cultivate cacao to produce Maya chocolate, which is recognized around the world for its quality. Visit an organic, family-run chocolate farm to learn about the process from bean to bar. Plus, don’t miss the annual Belize Chocolate Festival.

Tropical Fruits Go in Everything

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

Fresh fruit is everywhere in Belize. If you like mangoes, coconuts, bananas, and papayas, you’ll enjoy freshly squeezed juices, tasty rum drinks, delicious fruit plates, and wonderful jams and jellies. If you want a fascinating look at how we grow and produce one of the world’s favorite fruits, take a tour of a banana farm. Sample freshly grown bananas while you learn all about this important crop.

We’re Organic and Environmentally Sustainable

Belize has a long history of sustainable agriculture, fishing, and food production. Most of the produce comes from small, family-run farms. Many people enjoy visiting these farms to learn how we manage them.

Seafood is Sumptuous

That gorgeous coastline isn’t just for snorkeling and swimming. Conservation-focused fisheries have given Belize an abundance of healthy marine life. Enjoy lobster, conch, red snapper, shrimp and grouper. Additionally, you can even catch and cook your own on certain specialty charters. Every year, the Lobster Festival marks the start of lobster season.

Belize Makes Its Own Beer, Rum, and Wine

Travellers Liquors’ Belizean Rum at Caye Caulker Lobster Fest 2019. Photo by Island Bway Photography

The sustainably grown, small-batch rums of Belize have won international awards. Try some straight-up or mixed with fresh fruit juice for an unforgettable taste. Belize’s national beer is Belikin, which you can find everywhere. Head to Travellers Liquors for a taste of local rums. Plus, cashew wine and blackberry wine are also delicious local staples.

Great food, great drinks, and fun farm tours all add up to a tasty vacation in Belize. Enjoy it all while you’re here.

This article was published in June 2020. 

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