7 Humble Little Restaurants In San Ignacio, Belize That’s Worth A Visit

by Larry Waight
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If you are planning a trip to Belize, you may not have a good idea of where you want to go. While there are tours that will take you all over the country to do all sorts of amazing activities, you will need to eat some quality food to have enough energy to do all of those things. To that end, consider making the town of San Ignacio a highlight of your trip. Provided below are a solid eight different restaurants found within this settlement that ought to please any palate.

Pop’s Restaurant

Photo courtesy of Pop’s Restaurant/Facebook

Located on West Street, Pop’s Restaurant offers breakfast during all hours of operation. If you are missing a taste of home, they also offer a wide array of dishes that you will be familiar with from living in Canada or the States. They also offer a robust variety of dishes to satisfy vegetarian tastes.

Ko-Ox Han Nah (Let’s Go Eat)

Located on Burns Avenue, Ko-Ox Han Nah is a casual, family-style restaurant that offers hamburgers, curry, quesadillas and national staples. They take pride in their locally raised lamb and chickens. Check the chalkboard sign of their meat market for some real deals.

The Guava Limb Restaurant & Café

Pizza anyone? Photo courtesy of Guava Limb Cafe

Located along Burns Avenue, The Guava Limb is home to some truly mouth-watering desserts, made-from-scratch pizzas, loaded nachos and seafood dishes. Nothing made here is plain, it all overflows with flavor.

Crave House of Flavor

Other than having a respectable liquor cabinet, some notable items on this West Street locale’s menu include smoked salmon carpaccio, beef short ribs with chocolate stout, stuffed Portobello mushrooms, stuffed jalapeños and lasagna served with garlic bread. The atmosphere is very much like an upscale restaurant.

Cenaida’s Belizean Food

Yet another West Street fixture, Cenaida’s offers a select menu of savory items. Two of their most popular dishes are curried chicken with spinach, rice and “deviled potato” and stewed chicken paired with rice and beans.

Authentic Flavors

This Burns Avenue eatery fully embraces the culture of the Garifuna. Not only do they serve traditional Garifuna dishes like hudut (fish in coconut broth), darasa (banana tamales) and sahou (a drink made from cassava), but the entire restaurant is draped in Garifuna aesthetic.

Erva’s Restaurant

Found along Far West Street, Erva’s offers delicious dishes with an upscale presentation. Notable dishes include rotisserie chicken with multiple sides, cowfoot soup, glazed pork chops and pizza. They also have happy hours if you are feeling parched.

They say that the dinner table is a great way to learn a culture. To that end, you can have an incredible cultural and culinary experience by dining in at least one of these eight San Ignacio establishments. 

Header photo courtesy of the Guava Limb Cafe. 

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