7 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Like Belize’s Casa al Mar Over a Hotel

by Larry Waight

If you keep tabs on travel trends, you may know that the vacation rental market is hot. In 2022, around 700 million people globally booked a vacation rental stay. Wondering why this is happening? Here are seven good reasons that may impel you to give a vacation rental a try, too.

7 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Stay

All-Inclusive Vacation Rental Casa al Mar on the sleepy island of St. George’s Caye

  1. Vacation rentals feel more like “home” than the average hotel room. Everything from furnishings, art, luxe bathrooms, and kitchens are all available to guests.
  2. Vacation rentals also have bigger and more rooms under roof, so there’s enough space for everyone to vacation their way, be that playing, working, or just relaxing.
  1. You can’t find the kind of privacy in a hotel that you’re afforded in a vacation rental. Loud neighbors, heavy partiers, and rambunctious kids won’t turn your getaway into a nightmare.
  2. You don’t have to spend a fortune eating out or having laundry done with vacation rentals that include kitchens and housekeeping. 
  3. Large parties booking vacation rentals can split the cost of a stay, so the total tab is affordable. 
  4. Renters don’t stumble all over one another or compete for sparse closet space because there’s plenty of room to spread out and accommodate clothing.
  5. A vacation rental means you don’t have to put up with being disturbed when you don’t want to. No loud vacuums or noisy corridor guests here! 

Casa al Mar: An All-Inclusive Vacation Rental in Belize

Casa Al Mar is heaven on earth; a private vacation home ready to welcome up to 14 guests. This sanctuary meets all the criteria listed above and much more. Located 9 miles off the Belize mainland on historic St. George’s Caye, this manse proves that pairing luxury with environmental responsibility is possible since all the homes on the island are served by generators or solar power.

Here, you can enjoy ultimate privacy. There are six bedrooms on three floors, giving every guest room to spread out and relax. Private docks and a sunning deck add to the roomy nature of this rental that’s awash in features like the fully equipped kitchen, bar, living area, study, and enough hammocks to give everyone a place to contemplate the sun, breezes, and greenery.

For work-weary vacationers, the fact that this vacation rental is all-inclusive is always welcome news. All these surprising extras are included:

  • Transfers to/from Belize’s International Airport to St. George’s Caye
  • A private island chef trained to prepare meals to every guest’s tastes
  • All the non-alcoholic beverages your group cares to drink
  • Wi-Fi service to keep guests connected to home
  • Expert cleaning services take care of housekeeping tasks
  • And if you thought a private chef was the essence of decadence, how about the fact that you also enjoy the services of a private boat, captain, and guide for the length of your stay?
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Stay Put or Stay Active for the Entirety of Your Vacation

At Casa al Mar, you’ll have lots of space to make decisions about what you’ll do during your stay. Whether all you want to do is occupy one of those hammocks or you’re up for staying wet for the entirety of your vacation, there’s not a single aquatic sport your party won’t have access to: Snorkel, drop fish, troll fish, dive, island hop, kayak, swim, and more.

A day at the sandbar. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

You’ll be close enough to the Belize mainland for custom day tours to Belize City, Maya ruins, the Belize Zoo, and rainforests where breathtaking waterfalls inspire awe. Whether you come for the sun, Belize’s burgeoning culinary scene, or an opportunity to share exceptional experiences with the people you love, make 2024 the year you stop wishing and start planning!

Featured Photo by Kristen Danae Photography courtesy of Casa al Mar 

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