7 Reasons To Try a Belizean Belikin Stout When Visiting Belize

by Larry Waight
Belikin stout

Nothing goes better with your Belize vacation than a tasty Belizean beer. Here are seven good reasons to ask for a Belikin Stout the next time you’re enjoying a meal or hanging out on the beach.

They’ve Got 50 Years of Experience


In 2019, Belize Brewing Company officially turned 50 years old. Over the past half century, the brewery has provided jobs and put Belize’s beers on the world map. Established in 1969, Belikin Brewing is proud to be a local company with deep roots in its local community.

It Tastes Great

Enjoy a Belikin poolside at Las Terrazas Resort & Residencies in San Pedro, Belize

This is the main reason, and it’s why we put it at the top. Great taste is the point of drinking beer, and Belikin Stout does not disappoint in this category. It is a creamy, richly flavored blend that’s lighter and less hoppy than a traditional stout. Subtle touches of caramel, coffee, and chocolate bring a unique island flavor to this smooth beer.

There Are Seasonal Varieties

Belikin beer sorrel belize

There isn’t just one stout in the Belikin lineup. Cacao is a world-famous Belize product, and Belikin’s Chocolate Stout pays tribute to this crop. First introduced during the annual Cacao Festival, this delicious brew has quickly become a customer favoriteThere’s also the Sorrel Stout. Brewed during the holidays, it’s an aged stout that contains sorrel and other Caribbean spices.

Support Local Artists

Belikin highlights local artists by creating special edition labels that feature their artwork. Support these wonderful artists when you buy specially marked bottles of any Belikin brew. Belikin also promotes the work of local musicians who create some of Belize’s most original music.

Belize’s First Belizean Brewmaster

For its first 40 years, Belikin was headed by German brewmasters who guided the company to great success. In 2012, Belizean native Michael Nolan stepped in as Brewmaster for Belikin beer. Born and raised in Belize, Nolan attended college in the US and is a graduate of the International Brewing Program in Chicago and the World Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany.

It’s Perfect With Belizean Food

belizean foodIf you’re chowing down on stew beans served with Marie Sharp’s hot sauce and a heaping side of flour tortillas, you want the perfect beer to go with your meal. Belikin Stout is a superb choice for any Belizean feast.

It’s an “Only In Belize” Experience

Belikin’s unofficial motto is “Onli Eena Belize,” which is Kriol for “only in Belize.” Besides, if you want to enhance the joy of spending time in our beautiful country, do it with our national beer. 

Header photo via Meritt Thomas/Unsplash.

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