9 Waterfalls Worth Chasing in Belize

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Inspiring natural scenery at its best, Belize has some of the most majestic and soothing waterfalls. Check out these 9 cascading beauties worth chasing and enjoying when in Belize.  Imagine capturing the rush of water against limestone rocks, listening to the soothing swishing sounds as the water hits the pool at the bottom of the boulders, smelling the breath of fresh air and trees, and feeling the exhilarating effects of gravity and cascading waters. Each waterfall in Belize has its beauty and personality worth discovering, chasing, and appreciating.  

1. Thousand Foot Falls


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The Thousand Foot Falls is the tallest falls in the country and Central America;  nearly 1,600 feet tall and located deep within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in the Cayo District. It is a picturesque cascading beauty in which streams run through the Maya Mountains into Roaring Creek and then to the Belize River. 

2. Davis Falls


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Davis Falls is the second tallest waterfall in Belize cascading more than 500 feet tall. It is located deep in the hills near the Alta Vista Village in Stann Creek, south of Belize. It is surrounded by pristine jungles and a natural beauty location.   

3. Antelope Falls


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Antelope Falls is a 250-foot waterfall surrounded by jungles and a mesmerizing view up top worth climbing. It is a waterfall that comes with the adventurous challenge of a steep hike but rewarding freshwater swimming hole at the base of the falls. Antelope Falls are located in Mayflower Bocawina State Park in the southern district of Stann Creek.  

4. Big Rock Falls

A 150-foot waterfall on the Privassion River and tucked away into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve of the Cayo District in Belize. Big Rock Falls is a mesmerizing and magnificent spot perfect for a mini hike and plunge into the refreshing spring water pools.    

5. Bocawina Falls

Bocawina Falls is nearly 100 feet tall with the longest zip line in the country of Belize through the taintless and rich Rain Forest. Aside from its exceptional waterfall, it is also home to bird species and Maya ruins. Bocawina Falls can be found inside the Mayflower Bocawina National Park.  

6. Butterfly Falls 


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Butterfly Falls is an 80-foot cascade hidden on the property of Hidden Valley Inn in the Maya Mountains. This fall sits on the border of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. It is considered one of the prettiest waterfalls of Belize and accessible by hotel guests only.   

7. Maya King


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Maya King is a 70-foot tall waterfall with a natural “shower” and the perfect balance of size and power, Maya King Waterfall is a majestic waterfall located in a privately owned park in Placencia. It is a cascade of pure, untouched water with a natural pool filled with cold mountain water excellent for swimming. 

8. Tiger Fern Waterfall


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Tiger Fern Waterfall, also known as the “Jaguar Preserve”, is a double waterfall that drops into a large pool and located in Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, Stann Creek. It entails a nature trail hike with a spectacular view of the Basin and Victoria Peak, a few miles away. Rich with wildlife, you can see hundreds of birds and four species of wild cats, frogs, howler monkeys, tapirs, armadillos, and other tropical wildlife. 

9. Rio on Pools


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Rio on Pools is not your common waterfall; it is, as its name implies, numerous small waterfalls cascading into connecting freshwater pools. It is surrounded by pine forests filled with tall green trees and located in Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, Cayo.  

Written by Jiyoung Chehade. Feature Image Courtesy: ROEming Belize Travel Agency

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