A Solo Getaway in Belize: Spend Your Days at Matachica Resort

by Giulissa Hernandez

As February unfurls its romantic red carpet before us, there’s no better time to celebrate a different kind of love this year. Forget about getting a Valentine’s date before the fourteenth. While embracing the month of amore, consider redirecting that love inward with a solo sojourn to Matachica Resort in Belize. Unravel the benefits of solo travel with the allure of a chic beachfront escape. Your treasured alone time will be filled with Instagrammable snap-shots and an array of captivating events to boot. Amidst the twinkling turquoise waters and dancing palms, rediscover the joy of your own company and bask in the beauty of self-love.

The Benefits of Solo Sojourns

Solo travel isn’t just trips to the most picturesque vistas and cutesy cafes; it’s also a voyage into self-discovery. It’s the chance to dance to the beat of your own footsteps, savor the freedom of spontaneous choices, and unearth the depths of your own resilience. While many worry that a solo trip may be boring, it can actually become the most enriching trip you’ve ever had! Solitude allows for unparalleled self-reflection, fostering personal growth and a deepened sense of independence. It’s an opportunity to step outside the comfort zone, connect with new faces, and curate an itinerary tailored to personal preferences. Instead of trying to adhere to a group’s schedule, you’ll have all the time to do exactly what you want. Solo travel, in essence, becomes an act of self-love, a gift to the soul.

Destination Highlight: Matachica Resort

There’s really no better place than Matachica when it comes to a relaxing solo getaway. Hugging the shores of Ambergris Caye, Matachica is a haven where sophistication meets the laid-back beauty of the Caribbean. Picture yourself in cute bungalows adorned with vibrant hues, offering panoramic views of the azure sea. Every morning, step outside to your patio and sink into the soft sway of a hammock. Cradle a cup of joe in your hands as you swing to the crashing waves and rustling palm leaves. Let us also remind you that Matachica is an adults-only resort, meaning your trip should have zero distractions! 

Matachica Resort goes beyond the ordinary, curating a calendar of events that add an extra layer of excitement to your solo getaway. From beachside yoga sessions to lively themed parties, every day unfolds with the promise of new adventures and opportunities to connect with fellow travelers. Here, every day is an adventure, though Tuesdays do hold a special treat—Taco Tuesdays. Savor the culinary delights of Belize with delectable tacos served against the idyllic backdrop of the ocean. It’s a celebration of flavors, a sensory experience that mirrors the vibrant culture of Belize. 

This year, make it a mission to shower yourself in as much love as you’d give to your family and friends. Appreciate yourself for all that you do, and have already done! A solo retreat to Matachica is just the way to showcase that love.

All photos courtesy of Matachica Resort 

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