Live Session on The Belize Gold Book

by McNab Editorial Team

The COVID-19 pandemic has added a new dimension to our age of global travel, demanding a comprehensive marketing response. Our newest publication, The Belize Gold Book, aims to do just that. 

Since the pandemic hit, Belize’s primary marketing agency – the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) – has been diligently working with industry partners to develop a core set of health and safety guidance for the travel industry to adapt. Widespread education of these new protocols is key to potential visitors feeling safe to travel to Belize again and will serve as a guide to the industry overall as we look towards opening, tentatively set for July 1st, 2020.

So What’s Next?

McNab Publishing Ltd. (MPL) has partnered with the BTB to merge Caribbean Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book with Belize’s new Gold Safety Standards to create the one unified publication titled: Tourism Health and Safety, The Gold Standard for Belize TravelOur newest publication is set to debut in June 2020 as a premier Travel Guide for Belize.  

Understanding that with all the changes that have transpired in the last 60 days, comes a lot of questions. And, we want to help you to answer them. Marketing in the new era of Generation-C (Covid) travelers will mean a change in existing marketing messages, how we reach potential travelers and how we spend our limited dollars since the onset of the pandemic. It is critical that a message of safety be incorporated in our destination marketing.

McNab Publishing Ltd. has offered an assortment of payment plans to help industry partners advertise and remain visible through 2021 in the Belize Gold Book, as well as online at  With that said, we have planned a short presentation with a Live Q&A to answer any questions! We’ll be sharing information as our marketing plan has developed, followed by an opportunity to answer questions in real time.

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