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Discover Belize’s Seven Tourism Regions

Belize is a playground of adventures, offering travelers the chance to enjoy the best of both worlds. The country is geographically divided into 6 districts, but the tourism industry identifies 7 adventure zones they call regions. Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle invites you to get to know this beautiful country from North to South, and all that falls in between.

The Northern Islands

Belize’s Northern Islands are best known for relaxation, water sports, and amazing snorkeling and scuba diving sites. Breathtaking locations include Shark Ray Alley and the Great Blue Hole. Ambergris Caye, the largest island and most popular destination in Belize, falls into this region along with the calm and slow-paced Caye Caulker.

The Belize Barrier Reef

The reef stretches some 185 miles along the country’s coastline. It includes seven marine reserves, over 100 cayes, and three coral atolls. In fact, the reef’s clear waters and beautiful creatures provide a haven for scuba divers and snorkelers. Of course, this site includes an amazing view made of brightly colored creatures and corals of many shapes and sizes.

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The Central Coast

This includes Belize City. This City offers a place for those interested in sightseeing, learning the history of Belize and enjoying a taste of our culture. No matter what direction you take, there will always be something interesting to see or do. Activities include visiting the Museum of Belize to spending time with the lovely animals of the Belize Zoo.


Belize’s Western Region

For those that want to venture into the Maya heartland and jungle hub. This region offers adventurers a place to choose from visiting national parks, botanical gardens, medicine trails, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing, birding, cave-tubing, and zip-lining. It has everything for nature lovers and for those seeking the magic and mystery of ancient Mayan cities.

The Northern Region

This beautiful locale is home to a large Mestizo population as well as communities of traditional and modern Mennonites. The region includes Corozal Town, well known for scenic views at the turquoise Corozal bay. Other points of attraction include Santa Rita and Lamanai, two ancient Mayan cities, the Progresso Lagoon and the tranquil fishing village of Sarteneja. Of course, those looking for nightlife and delicious tacos can stay in Orange Walk Town, the largest population center in the North.

The Southeast Coast

Belize’s southeastern coast offers a blend of culture and adventure. From the Maya Mountains to the sandy beaches, this region has something for everyone. Dangriga and Hopkins are hubs of the Garifuna culture. Meanwhile, Placencia offers numerous marine adventures, including seasonal encounters with whale sharks. This region also offers zip-lining, waterfall rappelling, and nature trails, and houses the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the first and largest Jaguar preserve in the world.

Southern Region

A true culture zone! Visit Belize’s south and learn about the Maya, Garifuna and East Indian communities. Its largest town, Punta Gorda, offers a wide range of activities such as offshore fishing, river trips, caving, bird watching and visits to the ancient Maya sites of Lubantun and Nim Li Punit. Also, enjoy a tour on the making of organic chocolate. The Southern Region has over 50 villages and more than 30 are Mayan communities, which are known for their warm hospitality and traditional Mayan chocolate making.

Belize is a curious place!

Photo Courtesy: Leonardo Melendez
Check out the thousand foot falls!

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Featured Photo by Leonardo Melendez

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