Taking your Wellness Vacation to New Heights!

To many, the idea of a vacation is equivalent to that of relaxation. In fact, when you think about a Caribbean escape, activities such as sunbathing, beachside massages, snorkeling adventures may come to mind – but what if you could add a fun and healthy challenge to your itinerary?

Aerial Yoga is a unique take on traditional yoga where the use of a silk hammock allows you to achieve suspended postures that most would normally not be able to attempt on a yoga mat alone. If your mind is visualizing some sort of Cirque Du Soleil routine, you are not alone. To the beginner, it can absolutely seem that it takes some sort of gymnast to accomplish such acrobatic feats, but trying is half the fun!

Science and Soul

The Benefits

Taking its roots from aerial and circus arts infused with Pilates and traditional yoga postures, the practice is not only enjoyable but incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing. It soothes backaches due to decompression and stress reduction of the spine. It is also an effective tool to develop a strong core by promoting strength and balance. Many credit aerial yoga with aiding in the detoxification of the lymphatic system, an important part of our circulatory system that aids in keeping our immune systems strong.

The physical benefits aren’t the only reasons to jump on the aerial yoga bandwagon. Like its traditional counterparts, aerial yoga also has a positive impact on the mind and spirit. During a session, there are moments of meditation that involve breathing exercises while just lying in the hammock. The effect is feeling protected and secure within a cocoon of silk working on nothing but your mental focus.

Science and Soul

Nevertheless, if your motivation is to finally be able to do a handstand even though you can’t even touch your toes, that is definitely within reach! Aerial yoga truly is a must-try activity on your vacation that may well turn into something you enjoy doing back at home! The practice, that was created by Christopher Harrison in New York, has since evolved from trend to yoga studio staple across the world.

When in San Pedro be sure to visit Science and Soul Wellness Center where classes are taught to both the skilled and to the greenest of beginners. Your vacation doesn’t only need to be relaxing, it can be stimulating, strengthening and elevating!

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