At 47, The San Ignacio Resort Hotel Resort Remains The Place to Stay in Belize!

by Larry Waight

If you find yourself saying “I miss the good old days” every time you read a disturbing contemporary headline, you likely recall a wealth of special occasions that spiced up your life over the decades with great fondness.

Those who were around in 1976 witnessed Apple being launched by Steve Jobs, Jimmy Carter’s election as U.S. president, NASA’s announcement of its first space shuttle, and people worried that Legionnaires Disease would turn into a plague. Considering changes the world has witnessed over the past five decades, no wonder those good old days seem much less complicated!

But North America isn’t the only nation to mark the evolution of time with monumental changes and advances. In Belize—-then called British Honduras—-a farsighted Belize entrepreneur named Escandar Bedran had a vision for the future of Belize tourism. He invested in that dream by opening a 14-room property destined to become one of the most exclusive hotel resorts in the nation.

He named it for his town of birth: The San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Once you read more about this amazing property, you’re going to want to make sure it’s the place you sojourn on your next Caribbean adventure!

An Elite Property Designed to Delight Society’s Crème de la Crème

What compelled Mr. Bedran to make this lifelong investment 47 years ago? He launched his hospitality career by opening one of San Ignacio’s most popular nightclubs on Hudson Street.

It took no time at all for his club to become the place to see and be seen. In addition to hosting dances, weddings, school functions, and community events, Mr. Bedran expanded his interests by investing in a distillery built to produce local rums, and over time, he also purchased prime agricultural land.


But his dream of opening a glamorous resort was never far from his thoughts. Fortuitously, his determination, timing, and insights collided 47 years ago when he secured the property and opened the doors of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel to the public. Since that auspicious day in August 1976, accolades have poured in from near and far.

Among the milestones that this elegant property has celebrated since then are:

  • Receiving a wealth of prestigious, international travel industry awards on a regular basis.
  • Striving to become more than a cookie-cutter destination by morphing the former mansion into a work of art that extends from lush accommodations to natural jungle settings.

  • Supporting Belize’s cherished heritage crafting by outfitting accommodations with a splendid array of locally crafted furnishings and art.
  • Maintaining the family farm to ensure that all meals served at the award-winning Running W Restaurant are farm-to-table fresh.
  • Making huge contributions to the San Ignacio community including patronage of the local farmer’s market.


  • Hosting honored guests that include Her Excellency Queen Elizabeth in 1994. As recently as 2021, Prince William and Kate were welcomed to the resort. As you can imagine, this is the place movers, shakers, celebrities, and other distinguished visitors prefer over all others.
  • Hosting the most unique array of onsite entertainment and ecological projects in Belize. That includes everything from medicinal garden tours and nighttime critter prowls to recreations of ancient Maya ceremonies. The resort is also home to The Green Iguana Project, repeatedly cited as San Ignacio’s #1 attraction for all ages.

Why Settle for an Ordinary Belize Resort…

The Regal Room at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

…when you can reserve a sojourn at this stunning hotel resort the next time you require a tropical getaway? Explore the property’s website and prepare to be impressed.

If you are intrigued by everything you see but your budget says “no more trips this year,” perhaps the San Ignacio Resort Hotel can give you a gift so you too can celebrate this haven’s 47th anniversary:

Browse their selection of irresistible money-saving specials. These deals won’t be around long. Get in on this grand celebration while you still have the chance.

All Photos courtesy of San Ignacio Resort Hotel

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