The Bahamas Joins Belize In Waiving Pre-Flight Testing for Vaccinated Travelers

by Carolee Chanona

Starting May 1, the Bahamas will make exceptions to allow fully vaccinated passengers to skip PCR testing and enter the country more easily. The Bahamian government is requiring vaccinated passengers to bring proof they’ve been inoculated and at least 2 weeks have passed since they’ve received their last shot. With proof of vaccination, no pre-flight PCR testing is required. Those that are not vaccinated or who want to opt out of vaccinations altogether will still be permitted to enter under current rules, which includes pre-flight PCR testing.

The Bahamas is likely amending their entry requirements to allow easier transit for eager cruising passengers entering Bahamas to board the first cruise ships since the start of the pandemic. Royal Caribbean is scheduled to begin 7-night sailings from Nassau, Bahamas on their Adventure of the Seas ship, starting June 5, 2021. Since Royal Caribbean is requiring all guests to be vaccinated to board, the new rules for entering the Bahamas lines up in tandem with cruise requirements.

Entry Rules For Vaccinated Travelers for the Bahamas

  • Obtain a ‘Bahamas Travel Health Visa’ QR code before boarding fight
  • Bring proof of being fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to boarding the flight

Entry Rules For Un-Vaccinated Travelers

  • Perform a PCR test no longer than 5 days before arrival
  • Obtain a ‘Bahamas Travel Health Visa’ QR code and upload negative results from test
  • Travelers staying in the Bahamas for longer than 5 days will need to take a Rapid Antigen test on day 4/5.
  • Children under 11 are exempt from the above testing rules

Caribbean & Central American Policies for Vaccinated Travelers

maya covid test 2

Testing for COVID-19. Photo via Caring Hands Clinic

The Bahamas joins many other Caribbean and Central American nations who’ve already made exceptions for vaccinated travelers, including Belize.  Belize, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala and Panama are all allowing vaccinated passengers to fully skip all testing/quarantines, similar to the new policy in the Bahamas. Anguilla, Barbados and Bermuda all make partial exceptions for inoculated travelers, like less testing or shorter quarantine measures.

In total, 25+ nations worldwide have now made visiting much easier for vaccinated tourists, with more countries being added daily as vaccination programs continue to roll out.

Header image by Sophie Louisnard on Unsplash.

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