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by McNab Editorial Team
Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

As a small English-speaking country, Belize is considered both Central American and Caribbean, found nestled between Mexico, Guatemala, and the Caribbean Sea. Despite its small size, Belize is rich in biodiversity, culture, history, and adventure. Home to biodiverse jungles, ancient Maya sites, and over 400 cayes within the second-largest barrier reef in the world, Belize calls to the explorer in each of us

A Cultural Immersion into Maya History

Belize is littered with dozens of temples – remnants of the ancient Maya Empire. As an archeologist’s dream, cross the hand-cranked ferry to explore Xunantunich in San Ignacio. Traverse Belize’s largest Maya city ever excavated, Caracol, found within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Or, venture on an overnight tour to neighboring Guatemala for a chance to see Tikal, the powerful trader with Belize and UNESCO World Heritage Site. While many of Belize’s well-known ruins have been excavated, ancient Maya cities are waiting to be discovered. 

Underwater Gems Hiding in Plain Sight

Belize is home to 80% of the Mesoamerican Reef System with three offshore atolls and hundreds of cayes to snorkel or scuba. Observe friendly locals like nurse sharks, parrotfish, and sea turtles – sometimes just a fin’s length away. Belize’s most iconic image is probably the Great Blue Hole, but imagine the other 179 miles of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System? Hidden gems hide in plain sight. Plus, imagine the bragging rights to say you swam in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Envelope Yourself in an Emerald Expanse

Belize offers the best of both worlds: offshore islands and lush rainforest. With 80% of the rainforest under some government protection, much remains unexplored. Whether it’s hiking to the double-waterfall of Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, leisurely spelunking by river tube, or even sighting any of Belize’s near 600 bird species – the jungles of Belize offer a tropical paradise full of adventure.