Even though the country of Belize is the second smallest in Central America, no other destination in the Caribbean offers as much diversity in such a small area. The entire country of Belize is the size of one U.S. state —the state of Massachusetts. The are Cayes (pronounced keys), Atolls, our pristine Barrier Reef, which is the second largest in the world and the largest in the Western Hemisphere, Ancient Maya Ruins, complex cave, and river systems to name a few of our Belize’s attractions. Imagine its strategic position. Mexico to the North, Guatemala to the West, and the bounty of the Caribbean on its Eastern Coast. Belize also has a unique Zoo, Maya temples, lush rainforest, and half a dozen ethnicities living in harmony…and the official language is English.

For a while now, the cruise industry has been flourishing in Belize. With a number of cruise lines beginning to offer cruises passing through Belize; it’s allowing our industry to grow slowly, but surely each year. Belize is gaining a lot of international exposure and receiving great reviews; some of which comes from the growing amount of cruise passengers who fell in love with this little country. Even though cruise passengers only get one day to experience this country, they definitely make the most of their visit.