Family Travel

by McNab Editorial Team
Family Travel

Family Travel

Form some of your fondest family memories in Belize while on vacation!

family travel sunbreeze

Sunbreeze Hotel is a family-friendly resort on Ambergris Caye.

From first steps on the beach to swimming with sharks for too-cool teens, new experiences are boundless in Belize. Yes, no matter how old your kids are. When thinking of your Belize vacation, plan where to stay, what to do, and where to eat with your family mind. In Belize, both beach and jungle environments are available in half a day’s road trip or 30-minute domestic flights.  

Also if you have young kids, don’t worry there’s plenty for them to do in Belize – here’s a quick list.

  1. Visit a Maya Ruin. Belize is saturated with many Maya ruins, offering direct exposure to cultures your children may never have known of. 
  2. Hike the Rainforest. This not only yields exercise but is a great way to see different jungle animals. 
  3. Cave Tubing Expeditions. There are a handful of these experiences where you ride an inner tube through subterranean waters. 
  4. Go Snorkeling. Belize’s crystal clear waters allow you to watch your kids and observe many varieties of sea life. 
  5. Go Sailing. Belize is a veritable cruising paradise that you and your kids will certainly enjoy. 
  6. Visit the Belize Zoo. With a full variety of animals, kids, teenagers and adults will definitely enjoy it to the fullest.
  7. Bird Watching. Belize has more than 500 varieties of avian species. 
  8. Horseback Riding. Get a greater appreciation of the land by taking an equestrian tour of Belize. 
  9. Mountain Biking. There are several trails perfect for this activity that travel along ruins and riverbeds. 
  10. Canoeing. Check out the gorgeous Macal River and spot lots of vibrantly-colored plants and animals along the way. 
  11. Barton Creek Cave. Take a canoe and observe some of the oldest traces of the Maya. 
  12. Mountain Pine Ridge Rainforest Reserve. This venue’s combination of pine trees and waterfalls makes it a breathtaking spot for photos. 
  13. Chill on the Beach. Belize’s many beaches are there for when you want to just relax. You can spend the day floating in the sea in tubes at Palapa Bar on Ambergris Caye 
  14. Zip Lining. Travel across large expanses of rainforest while getting a great view and rush of adrenaline. 
  15. The Great Blue Hole. This is a fascinating underwater sinkhole that offers scuba and snorkeling opportunities.