An Official List of Certified Gold Standard Hotels in Belize

by McNab Editorial Team

During the downtime of Belize postponing its previous August 15 airport reopening date, hotels continue to work towards Gold Standard Recognition by the Belize Tourism Board. Announced August 28, Belize will reopen its international airport for leisurely travel on October 1, 2020 for Phase 3 of its Travel Reopening Plan. As Belize plans to welcome back travelers as of Phase 3 of its Reopening Travel Plan, the BTB has created a “Tourism Gold Standard” Recognition program to enhance hotels for the safety of travelers. This extensive 9-point program elevates the cleaning and workplace policies of hotels and restaurants. Additionally, these hotels will adapt new behaviors and procedures while ensuring minimal impact on the guest experience.

According to the BTB, travelers will be able to enjoy their Belize vacation while being confident their safety is the hotel’s top priority. The following list of recognized Gold Standard Hotels approved to accept tourists has been released. Source: The Belize Tourism Board.

Below are the Gold Standard Hotels approved by BTB. Those denoted with ☆ are approved for reopening in Belize’s Tourism Safe Corridor on October 1st.


Editor’s Note: This list of approved Gold Standard Hotels in Belize is expected to be updated by the BTB. Please check back here for more information. Announced August 28, Belize will reopen its international airport for leisurely travel on October 1, 2020.

For a listing of all Gold Standard certified hotels by BTB, click here.

For the initial phased approach, Gold Standard-approved hotels will be those that:

  • Have achieved the Tourism Gold Standard Certificate of Recognition, and
  • Provide full service to guests. This means that these hotels are able to provide all amenities, so as to contain the guest on the property, and minimize opportunities for guest interaction within the local community. These amenities include having transportation to offer pick-up/drop-off services from the airport; access to a restaurant on the property; have a pool or access to beachfront; and be able to provide isolated tours, limited to guests of the property only.
  • Social distancing and the use of face masks while in public space.
  • Online check-in/out, contactless payment systems, and automated ordering/booking systems.
  • Hand sanitizing stations across the property.
  • Enhanced room cleaning and increase sanitization of public spaces and high touch surfaces.
  • Daily health checks for guests and employees.
  • Designated Isolation/Quarantine rooms’ for suspected Covid-19 cases and action plans for handling suspected employees or guests.
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Travel regulations and requirements are subject to change as new developments in COVID-19 arise. It is important to visit before booking travel or visiting Belize. Please check back often for updates and additions to Belize’s Gold Standard Hotel list.

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