How To Plan An Amazing Group Trip In Belize

by Larry Waight

How to plan a group trip in Belize  

If you’re looking for a fun vacation destination for your family or friend group, then Belize should be at the top of your list. The weather in Belize is ideal nearly all year long, flight times are short from most places in North America, and it is packed with exciting adventures waiting to happen.

Tips For Group Travel In Belize

The great thing about traveling as a group is that you will typically be eligible for a number of group discounts. Most resorts, hotels and tour companies in Belize offer discounts for groups. Depending on the size of your group, you can enjoy many of the adventure tours in Belize with only your travel buddies. When planning your group vacation in Belize, it’s important to work with a local Belize expert or guide to get ideas on what to do and see as well as picking the perfect hotel or resort for your stay.

What To Consider When Planning A Group Trip

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The first thing to think about when planning your trip is who is going with you. Belize offers a range of different activities that can fit nearly any interest. You can explore jungles, caves, Maya sites, mountains, and coral reefs. You can even visit towns and villages and soak up the local culture. Many Belize adventures are kid-friendly as well.

Deciding what time of year you want to visit Belize is another thing to consider. If you want to feel like you have the place to yourself, then consider coming in the off-season between May and October. If you love to mingle and talk with other travelers, then the peak tourist season is between November and April. Weather in Belize is mild almost all year round with the exception of some rainy days.

Things To Do In Belize

Planning things to do in Belize is one of the least complicated parts. Once you hook up with a local tour company, you’ll have a range of activities to choose from. Two of the top things that Belize is known for is having the second-largest barrier reef in the world and being the center of Maya civilization in the ancient world. The Belize Barrier Reef offers amazing opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Water sports are also readily available, including sailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, and parasailing, among others.

On land, Belize has plenty of adventure as well. A trip to Belize wouldn’t be complete without visiting at least one Maya site. You can easily combine visiting Maya temples with jungle adventures, zip-lining, cave tubing, horseback riding and much more. Some of the jungle tours in Belize are very intense, which is perfect for anyone in your group that loves to be active. But don’t worry if you want to simply relax, Belize resorts also offer spa services, pools and delicious cafes where you can enjoy a cocktail or two.

Traveling to Belize as a group is a great way to save money while enjoying a beautiful tropical destination with your friends and family. 

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Editor's Note: This article was first shared on February 24, 2020. 

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