A Spotlight on Belize Hotels supporting Pack for a Purpose

by Vivian Roe
pack for a purpose school belize Ka'ana Resort

During this global pandemic, what has become more evident is that we must all practice responsible behavior. Specifically, once we rejoin travel, which is why we are spotlighting how to Pack for a PurposePack for a Purpose is a charitable organization that encourages travelers to devote five pounds’ worth of their luggage weight allowance to school supplies, medical equipment and other necessities that can be donated to those locally in need. Lists are provided directly by the local community-based projects that will receive them, so you know you are taking items they actually need. In addition to giving back to the local community, you also get the added bonus of space to take souvenirs home.

We are proud to support, and work with, these Belizean hotels and lodges who take part in this program, which you can visit each to see a description of the charitable projects offered by the property, as well as, a list of desired donations.

Hotels Supporting Pack for a Purpose in Belize

Interested in responsible tourism in Belize? Some Pack for a Purpose initiatives include donating school supplies to children; that includes backpacks, notebooks, and writing utensils to a number of these non-profits. Humanitarians interested in helping other parts of the community can donate to sustainable agriculture projects; these projects need small tools. Other projects are focused on providing medical care and improving wellness in these communities; visitors are invited to donate medical supplies to these organizations. Below, find a list of some Belize resorts encouraging their guests to Pack for a Purpose.

Should you planning a trip to Belize and want to support the community at the same time, we invite you to explore these partner hotels. For a full list of hotels in Belize, click here.

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