Belize Introduces a Digital Covid Passport

by McNab Editorial Team
The Ministry of Health has created a digital app for Belize that can provide a QR code that verifies the vaccination status of residents. App will be officially launched on October 15, 2021

The latest set of Covid laws make it mandatory for Belizeans when entering certain public buildings to present proof of vaccination.  Additionally, restaurants countrywide are required to only accept fully vaccinated persons. The Government of Belize  Ministry of Health & Wellness Health Pass App allows users to load official vaccination records as well as scan vaccination records of others for verification purposes.

A growing number of countries around the world now require some form of digital proof of vaccination. While the details of these Covid passes vary from place to place, they function essentially the same way: digital health records, stored on your phone, prove that you have been vaccinated. From a practical perspective, these “vaccine passports” or “digital Covid certificates” drastically cut down the time it takes humans to screen documents.

To get your digital passport the app requires persons to enter their social security number or health id along with their date of birth to generate the digital passport.

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