Belize Keeps Adding To The Never-Ending Allure of Overwater Bungalows

by Gisselle Hernandez
cayo espanto villa belize glass bottom

You know them, you’ve seen them online, you’ve saved them under your “vacay spots” list on Instagram. The hype swept across the luxury travel world in the late 2010s — and it hasn’t lost momentum since. We’re talking, of course, of overwater bungalows. And Belize is right there with its never-ending allure. 

Overwater cabañas on Tobacco Caye. © Duarte Dellarole Photography

Overwater bungalows – or overwater villas – are the envy of the masses. It is the go-to accommodation for celebrities, fashion influencers, and honeymooners. But what makes them so covetable in comparison to a normal luxury stay? According to, the unique establishments were first introduced in the mid-60s in French Polynesia. Since then, the gorgeous Maldives and enviable Bora Bora have become the face of the overwater wooden structures, but eventually, they have found their way to Belize (to the delight of many!) 

Thatch Caye by Dylan Muyono Resorts

Overwater villas at Thatch Caye, a Muyono Resort.

Their allure has a strong grip on those dreaming of waking up to aquamarine views and the gentle lulling of waves. Many studies around the meditative and therapeutic effects of being close to a body of water have been conducted. While the results vary on whether it’s neurological, deriving from evolution, or something to do with the “Blue Mind” concept, one thing’s for sure: being near water is downright rejuvenating. If you’d like to test out waking up in a cozy, thatched house on stilts overlooking the Caribbean Sea, here’s a list of Belize’s most sought-after overwater bungalows. 

Cayo Espanto.


Cayo Espanto.

The private island has graced the bucket lists of many. With its famous panes of glass embedded into the villa Casa Ventanas’ floor, you have a close look at the clear blue of the Caribbean Sea directly beneath. Located three miles off the coast of the famous Ambergris Caye, this private island is luxe in every way, with the added benefit of being secluded. 

Lina Point Overwater Resort.

Lina Point caters not only to couples and romantic getaways but also has private overwater cabanas for families. Situated on Ambergris Caye on the lagoon side, Lina Point’s popular overwater rooms are equipped with the “aquarium” installed on the floor of the living room and bedroom. At night, you can see the underwater lights and coral attracting reef fish. Each room also boasts a private plunge pool! 

Thatch Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort.

Off the coast of Dangriga Town in the Stann Creek District sits an all-inclusive island resort known as Thatch Caye. Rustic luxury is the vibe at Thatch Caye, and their overwater cabanas aren’t the only reason to spend a few days here for some digital detox. With only 15 rooms on this sustainably-sourced island, social distancing is at its finest. A plethora of adventure activities are available, and your ride back to the mainland will be one of longing and full of memories. 

Tobacco Caye Paradise.

tobacco caye belize island expeditions

Overwater cabanas at Tobacco Caye Paradise. Photo by Duarte Dellarole

The Instagrammable island of Tobacco Caye has been one of the most “Liked,” all thanks to Tobacco Caye Paradise. The rainbow-hued cabanas overlooking the water are simply too picturesque to not share with the online world. Ironically, if you’re looking for a truly off-the-grid experience, this is the place. Wi-Fi is intermittent, but the vibes are 100% paradisiacal.

St. George’s Caye.


Forming a half-moon over turquoise water, St. George’s Caye Resort’s overwater cabanas on the west side of the island are a close location to the city to catch the sunset. The six thatched-roof rooms are known for their hardwood ceilings and proximity to marine life. You just might spot some dolphins at dawn on a lucky morning too!

All images not captioned, courtesy of individual properties, respectfully. Header image via Cayo Espanto

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