Belize Real Estate Forecast: Is Now the Right Time to Buy?  

Belize is a small Central American country that is quickly emerging as a significant player in the international real estate market. Offering salty coastal breezes, crystal blue waters, lush tropical rain forests, and scenic mountain ranges, Belize is a paradise on earth. The fact that the country is witnessing an influx of investors, expatriates, and retirees from North America is a testament that Belize is hot in the real estate market.

Why Belize, you might ask? Well, different people have different reasons why they prefer the tropical nation. For instance, some want to retire in a place where English is the first language. In contrast, others prefer living in a country with a high level of medical care access. As an authentic haven for property investments, Belize offers investment and tax incentives for potential buyers, encouraging them to invest in the country. 

Buying Property in Belize

At present, Belize offers countless opportunities in its real estate market. Unlike other Caribbean nations, expatriates are allowed to own property and land as citizens. When you buy land or property in the country, you get a freehold title deed; this allows you to rent, build, or reside in the property.  Belize does not subscribe to Napoleonic civil laws that are practiced by other countries in the region.

Impact of COVID-19 On the Real Estate Market in Belize

Corozal  is a top choice for retirees. Photo courtesy : Orchid Bay

Like other counties globally, the Belize economy, which highly relies on tourism, has not been performing as projected in 2019. Thanks to the novel coronavirus, investors and real estate agencies have been forced to rethink their investment strategies and what they hope to profit from each investment. Despite the harsh reality we are in, investing in Belize still stands as a smart move, considering the fall in property prices. According to market pundit, now is actually the best time to move to the tropical nation.

Investing in Commercial Real Estate in Belize

Despite the economic crunch, commercial property owners are still making money from businesses renting their premises. As the pandemic shows signs of diminishing, market pundits expect commercial properties’ market prices to skyrocket. Hence the more reason to invest now.

Investing in Residential Real Estate in Belize

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At present, Belize is undertaking a massive construction endeavor for residential projects to accommodate the demands of increased tourist arrivals. Some residential property owners have also resulted in selling their properties due to the lack of revenue streams. As some may be looking forward to liquidating spare investments, you can look to invest in residential real estate in the country.

Is Real Estate Market in Belize Ideal for investment?

The simple answer to this question is yes. This is because it is always the right decision to invest in property while it is affordable. Also, the country offers good mortgage plans through local banks that are worth checking out. Besides, investing in the country is not only good for the Belize economy, but it is also an excellent long-term investment for you and your family.

To know about the real estate state in Belize at the moment, peruse the CC+L’s real estate page — information is power.  

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