Belize Real Estate

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Belize Real Estate

Belize Real Estate

Belize is a small, but vibrant country, that’s rich in so many ways. When it comes to lifestyle, living in Belize is a luxury within itself. Whether you enjoy scenic mountain ranges and lush tropical rainforests, or prefer blue waters and salty coastal breezes, Belize has the best of both worlds. It’s no secret that Belize is one of the most unique destinations in Central America. One of the most beautiful and best places where you can buy real estate is Belize. According to Gallup-Health ways’ 2014 Country Well-Being Rankings Report, Belize gets high marks along with several countries in the Americas. Ownership and investment opportunities are endless. It’s easy, beneficial, and practical. For 2019 and the coming years, this magnificent and breathtaking English speaking Caribbean country could be ideal for you to live or invest in. Below are some of the Top Reasons to Invest in Belize:

Committed to Sustainability

Belize is fast becoming a leading country in conservation. Many hotels and restaurants have taken a step into protecting the environment by going green.They practice this method by using biodegradables, bamboo, paper, and other types of straws. Not only that, but they also work on recycling products that are harmful to the environment. Most restaurants and hotels have taken up the responsibility to have an organic garden to help supply their food needs. Belize’s natural resources are very important to the country. Therefore, Belizeans try to protect them and we hope that our visitors will do the same!

There are many commendable examples of organizations and private businesses making significant efforts and paving the way to sustainability. Read below on some of our most active conservationists.

Low property tax

Tax percentages range between 1% and 12.5% of the assessed value, depending on the type of property, and whether or not it is occupied.

No capital gain tax

There are no capital gain or estate taxes.

The Qualified Retired Program (QRP)

The QRP is an initiative that was created to facilitate those seeking to retire and live permanently in Belize. If you qualify, there are some enticing welcome benefits that candidates are entitled to through this program. A resident card is for multiple entries into the country without the hassle of a visa. Candidates can enjoy duty exemptions on personal and household effects that include aircraft, motor vehicles, and boats. Additionally, there are tax exemptions on incomes from outside of the country.

English is the official language

Situated among six Spanish-speaking countries, it is the only country to have English as its official language. Cultural diversity is one of the country’s best selling points, along with the small population – currently under 400,000.


Belize is conveniently located a short airline (about 2-3 hour) trip from major airports in the US and has direct flights daily on major airlines such as American Airlines, United Air, Delta, Copa, and Southwest Airlines.

The Beauty

With tropical weather all year round, white sandy beaches, pristine blue waters, and lush jungles, Belize is the perfect place to enjoy many beautiful beaches and outdoor adventures.


Real Estate Services and Opportunities:

The James Group

The James Real Estate Group is a boutique real estate agency representing a handful of Belize’s prime development opportunities. Therefore, the day to day goal is ensuring buyers what they are looking for and showing them the best Belize experience no matter what part of the country the interest lies.

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Vista Real Estate - Azain Medina

Vista Real Estate is Belize’s number 1 realty and property specialist offering a wide selection of properties throughout Belize. From private Islands to ranches, Vista has it all. Azain is one of the sales representatives that can assist you in finding your dream property.
Contact him at [email protected].

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