Belize Resort Itz’ana named in Fodor’s Top 8 Best Hotels in Mexico & Central America

by Louise Roe

Fodor’s Travel just announced its picks for top hotels in Central America and Mexico The best hotels in Mexico and Central America in 2023 include the Azulik in Tulum, Hotel La Companía in Panama City, Ojala in Antigua, Guatemala and Itz’ana Resort and Residences. in Belize.

The article highlights the following:

Central America and Mexico’s finest hotels do a stellar job of reflecting both the region’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. A wellness hotel sits on Mexico’s coast with private casitas standing atop cliffs, their open-air balconies marked by gorgeous views and slow-swinging hammocks. In Belize, beachfront villas display the beauty of the country, while a charming on-site bar is a must-visit for book lovers. And over in Panama, a new hotel has converted a once-abandoned landmark into an architectural masterpiece spoiling travelers with regal guestrooms fit for royalty.

Making the list is Itz’ana Resort & Residences


The small jungle-meets-reef wonderland country of Belize checks many boxes for beachcombers, nature lovers, historians, and everyone in between. On its Caribbean coast, Placencia is a pleasant peninsula packed with lagoons, mangroves, magnificent beaches, and self-proclaimed pirates with wondrous stories to tell. This is where you’ll find Itz’ana, a relatively new addition to Belize’s roster of luxurious hotels.

Itz’ana makes a stay in Belize a breeze with personalized service, roomy suites, beachfront villas with 300-thread-count sheets, and a world of activities at your fingertips. For swimming, there is a pretty pool where sipping from a just-fallen coconut is practically obligatory. To turn down the tempo, guests can catch up on their reading at Biblio Bar, a quiet leather-chaired sanctuary overflowing with books. For dining, tropically-decorated Limilia Restaurant doesn’t disappoint either. Despite the mod cons within the hotel, you would be remiss not to venture out and explore Placencia’s many spoils. Itz’ana facilitates thrill-seeker-friendly experiences, including waterfall rappelling, ziplining, manatee spotting, and deep-sea adventures at the Belize Barrier Reef.

Other Top Hotels on the list include:


  • Casa Polanco: MEXICO CITY, MEXICO


  • Hotel La Compañia: PANAMA CITY, PANAMA



  • Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal: LOS CABOS, MEXICO

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