Belize: The Ideal Place to Bask in Healing Winter Sun!

by Larry Waight

You don’t have to be a sun worshipper to appreciate benefits you receive from exposure to the sun. You rely upon the sun for more than a nice tan and warmth on gloomy days. Health authorities agree that even a minimal amount of sun benefits mind and body.

Reasons for You to Seek Sunshine This Winter

  • The sun supports higher quality sleep, especially when circadian rhythms are off, decreasing the amount of serotonin and melatonin your body produces. National Institutes of Health authorities say it only takes an hour of sunlight in the morning to improve that night’s sleep.
  • Sun exposure lifts moods while delivering a healthy boost of energy. No amount of vitamin D capsules or food supplements will substitute for the benefits direct sunlight offers.
  • Sun can help lower blood pressure and lower your risk of metabolic syndrome. Because the sun releases nitrogen oxides, artery dilation triggers a blood pressure drop. Further, there’s a certain wavelength emitted by the sun that’s capable of penetrating so deeply into the body, metabolic syndrome protection occurs.
  • The sun can help heal conditions related to inflammation due to an immune system boost. In moderation, it can aid in healing skin conditions like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. A new body of research adds this encouraging news: Sunlight may contribute to both arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease treatments.
  • Mental health professionals have proven that sun can lift depression and improve symptoms associated with both ADHD and bipolar diagnoses. For seasonal affective disorders (SAD), sun is exactly the remedy physicians recommend.
  • Moderate amounts of sun can arm the body against cancer assaults while helping build stronger bones, teeth, and muscles. While the risk of overexposure can have dire consequences, a 20-year-long study by Swedish researchers concluded: “those who spent more time in the sun lived up to two years longer than those who got less sun. In other words, sun has the potential to help you live longer.

Where to Find Sunlight Throughout the Year

san ignacio jungle room view

Photo courtesy Monica Gallardo Photography/SIRH


The amount of sunlight visitors to Belize enjoy year-round—added to the fact that plane rides to this nation are short enough to keep one’s disposition sunny—makes this the ideal destination. And if you’re up for a holiday at a resort that promises you plenty of it, the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in Belize is mecca for sun seekers, but not for the usual reasons.

This unique haven isn’t located along the Caribbean coast where heat radiating off the water heightens one’s potential for sun damage. It’s tucked inside a cool jungle on a precipice overlooking one of the most popular towns in Belize, and you couldn’t find a more elegant, warmer, more comfortable destination—not just for the sunshine but because you’ll never meet a warmer crew of staffers eager to lavish you with attention.

Getting to Belize has never been easier since winter flight schedules have resumed with all major carriers—American, Delta, United, Southwest, Alaska, WestJet, COPA, Frontier, Sun Country, and Tropic Air have all returned to their pre-COVID schedules—so following the sun south is as easy as contacting the carrier you prefer to use.

Who Else Follows the Sun to Belize?

Frequent visitors to the San Ignacio Resort Hotel include a star-studded array of members of the British family including the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. This tradition has been passed down to the next generation of royals as proven by a recent visit by Prince William and Kate, the newly named Princess of Wales, making the San Ignacio Resort Hotel the royal family’s destination of choice.

Enjoy the lush grounds at San Ignacio Resort Hotel. Photo courtesy Monica Gallardo Photography/SIRH

Sound like the kind of resort you would love to discover? You may not run into members of the royal family but you’ll be treated to unique and fascinating attractions and experiences, some of which can’t be matched at any other Belize resort. Dine at the resort’s fabulous Running W restaurant. and explore onsite activities like the legendary Green Iguana Conservation Project, consistently named Belize’s #1 attraction.

Your doctor would agree that time in sunshine is an ideal way to improve your health and sense of well-being, so consider this your prescription for a healing trip at a Caribbean vacation spot that has no equal. Find your center by adding in-suite spa services to your itinerary  and you’ll feel like royalty, too. This is the perfect way to start 2023, so ask yourself this question: Don’t you deserve a healthy, sunny escape to paradise?

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