These Waterfalls Make the Perfect Half-Day Adventure

by Giulissa Hernandez

We’re aware of how many hidden treasures Belize has stored in its backyard, especially in the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Whether it be verdant forests, winding trails, or tumbling cascades, this spot has it all. It takes more than a day to fully immerse yourself in Mountain Pine Ridge’s entirety. However, if you focus on just the waterfalls, you’ll complete some on your list before you can say, “Time for lunch!” Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey with this waterfall half-day adventure: the exhilarating conquest of 1000 Ft Falls, the serene allure of Big Rock Falls, and the refreshing paradise of Rio On Pools. Pack your bathing suits, and some hearty snacks, and let’s jump in!

Setting Out to 1000 ft Falls

Thousand Foot Falls. Photo by Khaila Gentle / Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle

First, your adventure begins with an early start, fueled by excitement and a spirit of exploration. The journey to 1000 Ft Falls – one of Belize’s most stunning cascades – takes you deep into the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. Embraced by jungle canopies and thriving ecosystems all around, this cascade is actually 1,600 feet in height. The moment you catch your first glimpse of the towering waterfall, time seems to stand still. The rushing waters plunge dramatically, making it ideal for a postcard-perfect shot. Hike down the mountain and view this breathtaking waterfall from a distance to fully absorb its intensity. (Though, there’s a viewing platform where you can watch it from afar). Or, travel down to the pools below and enjoy a dip in cool waters. Don’t dillydally! Your next waterfall on the list is waiting for your arrival. With a short hike and a sense of wonder, you’ve already conquered your first waterfall on your half-day adventure.

Traipsing Down to Big Rock Falls

Up next we have a waterfall that requires a little more leg work. Don’t worry, the hike is not strenuous in the least, and the view it brings is more than rewarding! Descend towards Big Rock Falls and the sound of cascading water grows louder, beckoning you to its embrace. Upon arrival, you’re greeted by a magnificent sight – water plunging into a tranquil pool surrounded by towering rock formations. The surroundings make for an astounding view, and you’ll feel like basking in the beauty of this picture-perfect spot for hours. Conquering Big Rock Falls is not just about reaching the destination; it’s about immersing yourself in the journey and the enchanting reward it brings. Pick a rock to sunbathe on when you finish swimming and immerse in the lulling sounds of tumbling water and chittering animals nearby. 

Unwinding at Rio on Pools

With two waterfalls under your belt, it’s time to wrap up your adventure with a visit to the soothing Rio On Pools. These natural pools, formed by smooth granite rocks, create a series of tranquil oases where you can unwind and rejuvenate. The gentle current offers a natural massage, and the crystal-clear waters are inviting for a leisurely swim. Rio On Pools is nature’s spa. Here, you can reflect on your conquests and soak in the serenity of Belize’s untouched landscapes. As your last cascade of the morning, relax by the edge of these pools while munching on a hearty lunch. After, take a snooze on your accompanying blanket/mat and be lulled to the utmost tranquility.


In just half a day, you’ve embarked on an epic adventure that has taken you from the breathtaking heights of 1000 Ft Falls to the magnificent beauty of Big Rock Falls, and finally to the tranquil Rio On Pools. This whirlwind journey showcases Belize’s natural wonders in all their glory, reminding you that true conquest isn’t measured in miles but in the memories you create along the way. Head back tired but fulfilled, and remember that you’ve not only conquered waterfalls but also unlocked a piece of Belize’s heart. A heart that beats in harmony with the rhythm of its awe-inspiring landscapes.

Featured Photo by ROEming Belize (@vacationbelize)

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