Belize’s Cayo District: Here’s Why The Country’s Largest District Is Trending

by Larry Waight

Once upon a time, keeping up with the latest in travel trends required nothing more than subscriptions to top publications—like Travel+Leisure, Frommers, and Fodor’s. But in keeping with the accelerated pace of technology, the “good old days” have vanished. These days, news of trending locations is reaching intrepid travelers immediately, and aren’t you glad?


In case you haven’t heard, Belize’s Cayo District is currently receiving more than its share of attention, beating out the usual high-profile destinations for very important reasons. Cayo delivers what few other districts can: Balance. No matter the experience you want to have during your Belize holiday, you can not only have it in Cayo, but you’ll avoid crowds and other distractions that can ruin an authentic experience.

Plus, stay in Cayo and get to reap these benefits:

  • Proximity to the nation’s capital Belmopan, a small city with lots to see that represents Belize’s roots.
  • Run into a multitude of languages, including English, Spanish, and a few others, too.
  • Discover that weather is consistent for a tropical climate; temperatures rarely dip below 59 degrees F.
  • Fall in love with San Ignacio Town where markets, shopping, pubs, galleries, and more delight visitors.
  • Stand in awe of Thousand Foot Falls, Central America’s most majestic waterfall.
  • Be close to Belize’s most famous Maya sites, including Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Caracol.
  • Because around 60% of Cayo is made up of national parks and reserves, outdoor activities are endless.
  • Gain access to the nation’s most exciting underground cave, home to ancient rituals: Actun Tunichil Muknal.
  • Mountain Pine Ridge’s 2,000–3,600-foot mountains are also home to waterfalls, caves, and rivers.
  • Bird watchers, nature lovers, and wildlife fans insist that no other district offers as much!

Where to Stay in Belize’s Cayo District

The Honeymoon Suite at San Ignacio Resort Hotel

There is only one choice for folks who seek elegance, authenticity, and a unique resort experience: The San Ignacio Resort Hotel, situated on a hill above the town of San Ignacio, is known as “the only jungle in town.” Beyond just that though, this Cayo District resort was even favored by HRH Queen Elizabeth when she and her entourage visited the Caribbean.


You don’t have to be a member of the royal family to enjoy service fit for royalty. Here, guests are treated to a level of excellence that pervades every aspect of this “palace” where gourmet meals served to guests feature farm-raised meats, freshly caught seafood, and locally grown produce.

Onsite Amenities As Unique As the Resort Itself

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

Luis and a juvenile Green Iguana.

The onsite Cayo Gial tour desk is ready and willing to help you go through the wide range of available tours to spectacular sights in and around the Cayo District. But if your fondest wish is to do nothing more than relax and explore the resort, the onsite activities are just as fascinating, diverse, and varied. The include everything from thrilling nightwalks to birdwatching and even spiritual copal cleansing. 

The most extraordinary experience? San Ignacio’s #1 tourist attraction: The Green Iguana Conservation Project. This in-house installation pays homage to these small creatures by introducing visitors to every aspect of their lifecycle while stressing the importance they play in maintaining ecological balance. Eco-tourism is certainly among the hottest trends these days, and guests witness the very essence of it at this resort.

What’s another trend to follow now that you’re convinced that the San Ignacio Resort Hotel is the place to stay in the Cayo District? Even the iguanas would be impressed by current resort specials that offer you a discount on your visit. So, add that to the long list of reasons to put both the San Ignacio Resort Hotel and the Cayo District at the top of your travel list!

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