Belize’s Garifuna Community and Artist Pen Cayetano Get a Feature in Wanderlust Magazine

by Khaila Gentle

The Fall print issue of Wanderlust Magazine was recently published, and Belize’s own Garifuna communities got a six-page feature. Highlighting renowned artist Pen Cayetano, a new Garifuna cultural trail, and more, the feature comes just in time for the Garifuna Settlement Day celebrations.

Wanderlust Dives Into Belize’s Garifuna Culture

Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

“It was the women who created the punta beat with the rhythm of their kitchen utensils,” says Garifuna artist Pen Cayetano to Wanderlust writer Lynn Houghton in the Belize edition of the magazine’s Dispatches column. The October/November 2023 issue of the travel magazine takes a deep dive into Garifuna culture. Plus, it explores a new attraction that allows travelers to experience the wonders of the country’s southern communities.


When the Garifuna people settled in Belize, they had to carry their traditions and culture with them; now a new trail is inviting visitors to explore this heritage through local communities

-Lynn Houghton

As Belize’s “Culture Capital” – the heart of Garifuna culture in the country – the small town of Dangriga has a lot to offer the culture enthusiast, and Houghton conveys this through her interview with Cayetano. “Cayetano’s insights offer a personal touch to the narrative, providing a glimpse into the artistic and musical expressions that define the Garifuna experience,” said the Belize Tourism Board.

Photo via The Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery on Facebook

“Houghton’s immersive experiences, from drum making to the preparation of traditional Garifuna food like Hudut using authentic utensils, bring the article to life,” the BTB also said.

Newly launched, the Garifuna Trail in Dangriga is a cultural tour that offers travelers an immersive experience surrounding Garifuna art, food, crafts, and dance.

The Wanderlust feature, said the BTB, also extends its gaze to other cultures coexisting in Belize. That includes the Maya, Mestizo, Mennonite, and Creole communities.

Featured Photo by the Belize Tourism Board

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