The Best Beach Bars to Kick Back and Relax in Belize

by Khaila Gentle
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Enjoying a day at the beach doesn’t take much. If you’ve got a drink in your hand and a chair or towel to kick back on, then you’re pretty much set. At a beach bar, though, your enjoyment is doubled. With views of clear blue sea shimmering beneath sunlight, the right tunes playing through speakers nearby, good eats, and the feeling of sand in between your toes, beach bars can make your dream beach vacation all the more memorable. Here are some of the best beach bars in Belize where you can kick back and relax.

1. Wahoo’s Lounge

Location: Corona Del Mar, San Pedro, Ambergris Caye 

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A hallmark location in San Pedro for as long as anyone can remember (but in actuality, for about 25 years), Wahoo’s lounge is home of the world famous Chicken Drop. What’s that? Head on over to Ambergris Caye to find out! It’s one of the most unique experiences you’ll ever have in Belize.

Wahoo’s used to be located in the heart of town at the Spindrift Hotel. But as of June 2022, they’ve moved to a larger location inside Corona del Mar Hotel. Regardless, they remain one of the best locations for fun games, good drinks, and amazing seaside views.

2. Tipsy Tuna Seaside & Sports Bar

Rum & Sun at Tipsy Tuna. Photo by ROEming Belize

Location: Placencia Sidewalk, Placencia

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Found on the aptly named Tipsy Strip in Placencia, Tipsy Tuna Seaside & Sports Bar has good food, great drinks, and amazing vibes. Considered one of the best by AFAR Magazine, this beach bar is easily recognized by anyone walking along the beach. You can’t miss the brightly colored tables and chairs. And if you do, tons of handmade signs, complete with creative quips, lay strewn about the sidewalks, pointing you in the right direction.

Whether you choose to take a dip in the water,  dance to the music, or play some billiards or volleyball, enjoy “getting tipsy at the tuna“.

3. The Palapa Bar & Grill

Serving up Belikins by inner tube at Palapa Bar & Grill. Photo courtesy Roeming Belize

Location: Boca del Rio Drive, San Pedro

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What’s better that enjoying your cocktail on the beach? Enjoying one over the water, of course. The Palapa Bar & Grill has been serving excellent food and drinks on the beach and over the water since 2007. Located at the end of the Wet Willies Pier, the Palapa is known for it’s fun an ingenious beer zipline. Get to kick back and relax in an inner tube and have your drinks zipped over to you.

Sit surrounded by Belize’s turquoise waters at this iconic beach bar and get to make new friends, enjoy live music, and dance the day (and night) away.

4. Sip n Dip Beach Bar

Location: 27 Hicaco Avenue, Caye Caulker (Near the Split)

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Just a few feet away from the Split in Caye Cauker lies Sip n Dip Beach Bar. It’s a popular spot for relaxing, whether in an overwater hammock or swing or inside the small but cozy restaurant. Here, you can meet tourists, locals, and expats alike and enjoy a wide selection of drinks – from frozen cocktails to the ever faithful Belikin beer.


5. Barefoot Beach Bar

Location: Placencia Sidewalk, Placencia

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All are welcome at Barefoot Bar, located just a stone’s throw away from Tipsy Tuna in Placencia. Here, there’s never a dull moment, as Barefoot is known for it’s great service, stiff drinks, and lively parties. They have everything from live bands to the best soca and reggae DJs. And they even offer daily specials like $4 rum cocktails.  Try a batch of their Belizean Blue Lagoon. You’ll be on the dance floor in no time. Or, sip on a classic favorite while listening to the musical stylings of local artists like Kylon Eiley.

6. The Lazy Lizard

Lazy Lizard Caye Caulker Lobster Fest

Location: The Split, Caye Caulker 

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Perhaps the most iconic bar in Caye Caulker, the Lazy Lizard sits perched right beside the famous Split. Home of the popular Green Lizard juice (a brightly colored blend of spirits), this beach bar offers menu items both local and international as well as an eclectic selection of drinks.

Swim in cool clear waters underneath Caribbean sunshine. Or, chill under one of the many thatch palapas that dot the beachside.

7. Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill

Location: Playa Asuncion, Caye Caulker (Take a right after exiting the water taxi)

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If you’re looking for lively dives on the island of Caye Caulker, than Barrier Reef Sports Bar & Grill is definitely the place to be. They’ve got some of the best eats at affordable prices. And, their mixed drinks are pretty great too. Enjoy top tier service while sipping on a refreshing cocktail. Check out a football game or two on one of the many TV’s hanging on the walls. Or, take some time to admire the colorful decor, complete with flags and license plates left by visitors from across the globe. There’s a reason this beach bar’s slogan is “No Bad Days”.

8. Bully’s Beach Bar

Shotski anyone? Photo by Ranguana Caye

Location: Ranguana Caye (Off the coast of Placencia) 

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Ranguana Caye, a Muy’Ono Resort, is home to Bully’s Beach Bar. Here, overnight guests and daytrippers alike can enjoy shotski and giant Jenga accompanied by spectacular seaside views.

Tropical drinks and delicious barbecue await at this beachside bar located on an island paradise.

Whether you’re looking for someplace to relax and unwind or you’re hoping for a boozy bar crawl, we hope you enjoy exploring some of Belize’s best beach bars!

Featured Photo by Nicolas Gras on Unsplash 

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