The Best Beachfront Spots To Spend National Relaxation Day

by Gisselle Hernandez

August 15 is National Relaxation Day, and what better way to celebrate than lounging at a tropical destination? The Caribbean basically invented relaxation, with its warm waters, palm-studded islands and laid-back vibes. Not to mention, beach-front luxury resorts are some of the best contenders when looking to kick back and sip frozen margaritas by the pool. Here are some of those resorts that make it easy to forget the real world lies just outside of Belize. 

1. Naia Resort & Spa

It’s virtually impossible for your shoulders to not automatically release tension once you step into one of Naia’s rooms. On the off-chance it doesn’t, the resort also offers exquisite on-site spa services to help you get to your most Zen state of mind.

2. Matachica Resort

matachica hammock san pedro

Each cottage comes with its own veranda and hammock. Image courtesy Matachica Resort

A complimentary hammock right outside your bedroom? Sign us up! Not to mention the dreamy dock with large relaxation pods at the ready. Located in the famous Ambergris Caye, this adults-only resort is a must-visit

3. Turtle Inn Resort

Any film aficionados making their way to Placencia? Stay at one of Francis Ford Coppola’s resorts, Turtle Inn, and make the most of the rustic-luxury that it’s so well known for.

4. Ray Caye Island Resort

Privacy, personified. Image courtesy Ray Caye Island Resort/Duarte Dellarole Photography

Arriving at this small island is like being transported straight into a postcard. Only seven acres long, this private island is the epitome of relaxation. Spend the day in your own private plunge pool until your fingers are wrinkly, or sit at the end of the southern dock to simply admire the view. 

5. The Lodge at Jaguar Reef


Spend your days in one of the many pools at The Lodge at Jaguar Reef. Image courtesy The Belize Collection/Monica Gallardo Photography


Located right on the beach in Hopkins, lazing around is encouraged by this Belize Collection resort. Jaguar Reef has become a repeat stay for many travelers, earning trust for their promise to ultimate luxury coupled with its affinity for romantic atmosphere. 

6. Blue Marlin Beach Resort

The Belize based resort, Blue Marlin offers a vareity of watersports for their guests, including SCUBA, snorkeling, guided island tours and kayaking.

Ever wanted to spend your days at a far-flung island in the Caribbean with only palm trees and the cries of seagulls keeping you company? You can do this without sacrificing convenience and comfort at Blue Marlin Beach Resort. Sitting on South Water Caye, this off-the-grid accommodation allows you to forget your anxieties, even if for a moment. It’s hard to bring the intensity of everyday when swaying at a hammock listening to the lapping of the waves. It’s only 14 miles away from the mainland! 

National Relaxation Day can hardly be ruined if you stay at any one of these resorts. These accommodations are just some of the very best that Belize offers, including the fact that they are Gold Standard certified. Check out the full list of Gold Standard Hotels here

Header image courtesy The Belize Collection/Monica Gallardo Photography

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