These Butterfly Farms in Belize Make An Unforgettable Itinerary

by Cristina Reyna
blue morpho butterfly

Belize is known as home to the Blue Morpho Butterfly, with an additional estimated 700 species of butterflies around the country. Many can be seen in the wild, typically in the inland rainforest. Notably, butterfly farms across the country have been dedicated to the Blue Morpho, along with other species. The distinctively beautiful Blue Morpho, is among the largest in the world, with wings spanning from five to eight inches. Their iridescent blue is due to microscopic scales on the back of their wings to vividly reflect light.

Belize, with a low population density, is home to plenty of open vegetation and wildflowers. Additionally, residents still keep gardens and vegetable plots on farmlands or backyards. Since butterflies are pollinators, they are good for gardens, and gardens are good for them. Though their life span is short, these fragile creatures play an essential role. From egg to pupae, butterflies require heat to morph. In the caterpillar stage, they must eat like machines to simply survive. As they emerge, the newly-winged pollinators must immediately seek shelter from wind, rain, and predators such as birds, frogs, and other small animals.

Although their bright colors can scare predators away, their wings are extremely delicate. If broken, they do not regenerate. Additionally, their wings also serve to produce heat. Therefore, the clever butterfly moves around; from one place for laying eggs to another for protection, on the lookout for crevices, and hedges that afford them protection.

In Belize, you can find some incredible butterfly farms! Add one of these butterfly farms to your Belize adventure and learn more about these amazing creatures with an immersive experience.

Photo courtesy Chaa Creek

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

Located in Mountain Pine Ridge in Cayo District and home to more than 30 native species on their 100-acre grounds, Green Hills boasts the largest butterfly exhibit display. A great place to learn about Blue Morpho Butterfly. Visitors can also enjoy an outside picnic and souvenirs at their gift shop.

The Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm at Chaa Creek

Just a short drive from San Ignacio Town, at the foothill of the Maya mountains, Chaa Creek is a luxurious jungle experience. Their on-site Blue Morpho Butterfly Farm is one of the major attractions where you can observe every stage of their life cycle. To encourage learning about the environment, they offer an illustrative and fascinating tour to enjoy with your family. Whether you’re a guest at the lodge or not, all visitors are welcomed.

Tropical Wings Ecocenter Butterfly Farm

Home to a large variety of butterflies, this farm is located at The Trek Stop near Black Rock Lodge in Mountain Pine Ridge. A fun way to learn, not just for kids, and to understand the whole process from egg to butterfly. The farm focuses heavily on the protection and conservation of Blue Morpho Butterflies in Belize.

Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm 

This farm is located in Punta Gorda, Toledo District. As a guest of the Hickatee Cottage, you are welcome to visit the butterfly farm exhibition. The tour includes a hillside walk surrounded by wildlife in the jungle.

The Butterfly Garden at the Shipstern Nature Reserve

The Shipstern Conservation and Management Area is located in the Corozal District, at Shipstern Lagoon, in Northern Belize, with an on-site butterfly garden. Housing 27,000 acres of protected habitats, the butterfly gardens also include a breeding center.

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