Carmelita Gardens, Belize: Where Sustainability and Affordability Meet!

by Larry Waight

Unless you keep up with global economic and ecological issues, you may not have noticed that a Business Wire white paper on sustainable living reported on a dramatic rise in 2021. Experts found that, “more than a third of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainability as demand grows for environmentally friendly alternatives,” adding, “85% of consumers have become ‘greener’ in their purchasing in recent years.”

Are you one of these responsible people? Have you been keeping up with contemporary efforts to be more conscious about everything you do—-so much so that you’ve been toying with the idea of moving to a location that prioritizes ecology over all? If so, there’s a chance that your North American search may disappoint because communities you’ve investigated may promise sustainable living environments that are more marketing hype than authentic communities based on creative sustainability practices.

Add to this the cost of moving into emerging pre-planned communities within North America where real estate prices have risen so much, individual homes won’t come close to accommodating your economic circumstances. Don’t feel feel conflicted and disappointed. There’s a fabulous option available to legions of northerners who looked south to Belize to find utopia. Once you learn more, you’ll want to be one of them!

Come home to Carmelita Gardens

Photos by Carmelita Gardens

This well-established Cayo district community is not only the brainchild of an American contractor who saw in Belize the ideal circumstances—healthy economy, affordable real estate, proximity to North America-but as a former English colony, English is the nation’s first language. Since investing in this project, it took no time at all to attract an enthusiastic coterie of people eager to live responsible, worry-free lifestyles on modest budgets. As a result, this haven of sustainability is thriving.

Carmelita Gardens sprung up amid a nation eager to protect its precious resources. Further, you can still get in on this growing project where benefits abound. Worried that you won’t find neighbors with whom you can develop relationships? Relax. Thanks to Belize’s Qualified Retirement Program, North Americans are heading south in droves for more than fabulous year-round weather.


Carmelita Gardens offers a lifestyle that ideally suits all ages and stages of life, based on this enlightening motto: “Independent Together.” You set the tone. If establishing meaningful ties with people who share your interests is important, you’ve found your happy place amid residents who love to connect. If you’re one step away from declaring yourself a hermit because privacy and doing your own thing is how you like things, you’re home, too!

All about the availability of prize real estate 

Let your curiosity do the browsing when you scan current real estate options, all of which are currently available. Purchase an affordable lot and build later.

Alternately, identify the abode that satisfies your space requirements and unlike former home purchases in North America, there’s a crew onsite waiting to help you through everything from picking a site, negotiating the purchase, and acquiring building permits. They’ll even help you navigate a legal system based on British law, so you’ll understand every word of the transaction.

Even the neighborhood is ideal. Carmelita Gardens is located 7 miles from San Ignacio Town. If you currently live in a suburb, you may travel further than this distance just to take care of your regular errands! Further, you own your home in exactly the same way Belizeans own theirs.

Importantly, because every house built is not only a model of sustainability, but rest assured that American know-how, building standards, and construction methods are all state-of-the-art. Further, if size and luxury are your goal, perhaps a 3,200 square-foot villa, designed to emulate a Tuscan estate, could be your dream home for an unbelievable purchase price of $389,000.

Your timing couldn’t be better 

Post-COVID restoration of normalcy has returned to all of Belize and property sales are booming, but it’s unlikely you’re willing to invest in even a modest property without seeing it first, which is why the Carmelita Gardens crew invites you for a tour.

You’ll not only have fun and learn everything about this community, but you’ll be picked up at the airport, treated to lodgings, tasty meals, and opportunities to meet community members who welcome newcomers with open arms. There’s a modest cost for this experience, but when you think about what a North American city home-hunting tour would run, you’ll likely spend less during your 4-day tropical sojourn.

We should issue this warning: Falling in love with Carmelita Gardens is easy to do once you check out all the environmental standards to which every homeowner adheres, and who wouldn’t be enraptured to find a community of like-minded people awaiting your arrival?  

All photos courtesy of property unless otherwise stated. 

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