Sustainable Living in Belize at Carmelita Gardens

by Louise Roe

Living with Nature, Sustainably, at Carmelita Gardens

Seven miles out from San Ignacio lies a self-sufficient village community, known as Carmelita Gardens. Comprised of 98-acres on the banks of the Belize River, residents of this green community get to enjoy nature in all its splendor. Here, they often say you don’t live with nature – nature lives with you, as everything is energy dependent.

Tiny House Rentals with Big Gains

Sustainability is at the heart of the community at Carmelita Gardens, considering they are 100% “off-the-grid”. Onsite units host state-of-the-art solar technology that supports air conditioning, fans, washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Not to mention, rainwater catchment and sustainable building practices used allow for clean, low-impact living.

 Make Belize Your Second Home: Investing at Carmelita Gardens

Carmelita gardens off grid sustainable

Looking to vacation or make Belize your home? If you’re looking for a simple life, you may find it with a Cottage Model or Home Style structure at Carmelita Gardens, which are both available for purchase. The Cottages, 605 square feet in size, make up several unique dwellings within the community. Besides, all homes come with artesian interiors that’s locally-sourced and custom made with designs to maximize space. Inside, each unit is fully equipped with all accessories, fixtures and finishes needed to run a home. Looking for something a little bigger than a ‘tiny home’? You can have a custom home designed for you. Similar to the cottages, each can be total energy independence through solar power and rainwater catchment systems. Choose from estate lots ranging from 50×100 feet to 80×325 feet.

“In the community, you don’t just build a home – you build a lifestyle.”

Why Invest

All in all, there are many great reasons why to invest overseas. Belize has great weather, friendly people, amazing adventures and so much more.  Tony, who could maybe be your neighbor one day, shares his investment story at Carmelita Gardens.

Find out more HERE on how to enjoy a sustainable lifestyle at Carmelita Gardens.

Images courtesy: Carmelita Gardens

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