Casa Al Mar — An All-Inclusive Island Stay on St. George’s Caye

by Carolee Chanona
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Safety assurances and conveniences are top of mind for travelers this year, and island stays offer just that. An all-inclusive type of experience somewhere you feel safe, like a villa vacation or island home is perfect under the ‘new norm’ we live in. There’s a new oceanfront rental option on the market in Belize, where social distancing comes effortlessly: Casa Al Mar. The added privacy, affordability and extra perks (think: exclusive boat and captain, private docks and even yard space) available with this rental explains why all-inclusive island stays are an increasingly popular choice for vacationers. Housing up to 16 people, the beachy vacation rental of Casa Al Mar offers something for everyone; whether you’re a fan of the outdoors, have kids in tow or looking for an all-inclusive VIP island stay. 

About Casa Al Mar

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Located 9 miles by boat from Belize City on the charming island of St. George’s Caye, Casa Al Mar holds true to what you’d expect of a vacation town. After all, the island (technically classed as a village) is composed almost entirely of vacation homes. Nonetheless, time stands still: there is no electricity (all homes are powered by generators), no cars and no shops. Instead, you can be overzealous in pursuit of a naturally socially distant experience; start the day with a solo paddle at sunrise to catch breakfast, only to grill it just minutes later. Or, just as easily, you can laze the day away in a colorful hammock to the soundtrack of wind in coconut fronds.

St. George’s Caye is a quiet, rustic, and unspoiled oasis that acts as the perfect launching pad for all your ocean or jungle adventures in Belize. And while there is no airstrip or helipads on the island, so the only way to get there is by boat.

How to make the most of your island house rental in Belize

While not lounging on the breezy veranda—on Belize time—or sampling seasonal favorites from your island cook, like Conch Ceviche, you’ll find an array of vacation home amenities that are bound to leave you speechless. No matter the size of your party, you’ll enjoy complimentary airport and boat transfers, WiFi, your own island cook for all meals, housekeeping, non-alcoholic drinks, and island-based activities. Plus, a private boat, designated boat captain and licensed tour guide, ready for any additional tours. After all, you’re staying on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef. As an all-inclusive rental home, bounce between a snorkel offshore, kayak the calm waters behind the island, or try their hand at reef fishing; all at the guests’ disposal. Add an alcoholic package for those over 18, and enjoy an ice-cold Belikin beer at sunset, gazing on from your own private dock. Ahh, the perfect end to a perfect day. 

Rent the entire house, all-inclusive, starting at US$269 per person, per night. Book directly by contacting [email protected] or book via VRBO here. Additionally, Casa Al Mar is in the process of Gold Standard certification. Learn what that means here. To learn more about Casa Al Mar, visit  


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