Celebrate Self-Care with a Soulcation to Belize

by Giulissa Hernandez

Embarking on a tropical getaway is about more than just scenic views. In the chaos of our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to neglect self-care and become overwhelmed with obstacles. Taking the time to nurture and rejuvenate our souls is crucial for our overall well-being, whether it be via a fifteen-minute meditation or a small escape to the nearest ice cream shop. International Self-Care Day provides the perfect opportunity to prioritize self-care and indulge in a soulful escape. What better way to celebrate this day, celebrated on July 24, than with a trip to Central America’s slice of paradise, Belize?

In one survey, American Express discovered that “73% of respondents say they are planning vacations around improving their physical and emotional health.” Meanwhile, “68% say they are picking travel destinations in nature to help with mental clarity, and 43% say they’ve selected a hotel based on its spa and wellness amenities.”

Deep in the lush jungles of Belize exists a tranquil haven where nature embraces you and all your worries fade away. Gaia Riverlodge is blanketed by pine trees and rainforest canopies and surrounded by the natural tune of critters nearby. If you’re looking for a place to boost physical, emotional, and mental health, Gaia anticipates your arrival. With a dreamy location and the ultimate wellness and self-care indulgences, their Soulcation Package is up for the take. Here, we’ll highlight all the tempting perks that come with this package, and how you can go back home feeling rejuvenated in every possible way.

gaia self-care soulcation waterfall massage

Nurture Body, Mind, and Soul

This untapped treasure sits atop gushing waterfalls in the heart of the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve in Cayo. You don’t even have to leave the property to start your soulful adventure. Get your body moving while meandering on hiking trails, or simply while exploring the lodge’s enchanting grounds. See which birds you spot the most, and which ones provide the day’s most beautiful melodies. Explore hidden waterfalls and swim in crystal-clear pools, allowing the healing power of water to wash away stress. As you traverse nature trails, you’ll find yourself replenished by the vibrant colors, fragrant blossoms, and breathtaking vistas that surround you.

After a day of exploring, make sure to relax those sore muscles with a decadent trip to the spa. The Gaia Spa has an extensive list of therapeutic massages molded to everyone’s needs. With the Soulcation package, your relaxing massage will take place in front of the majestic Five Sisters Waterfall. It’s a full 60 minutes of pure, unadulterated bliss. 

Unplug and Reconnect

This self-care soulcation to Gaia not only unplugs you from your troubles but reconnects you to what truly matters in life. Deep connection with enriching experiences is what it’s all about! Secluded in the forests of Mountain Pine Ridge, you’ll undergo some truly soul-gratifying experiences with the Soulcation package. Three nights and four days sound plenty, but you’ll realize how fast it’ll fly by, and how you’d wish there was more!

Scattered throughout your days here, the package offers tours that emphasize cultural integration. You’ll be guided on the traditional ways to create hand-made chocolate, pottery, and tortillas. Your very own hands will learn the tricks to weave these wonderful concoctions together. You’ll also leave with a few new skills up your sleeve. You’ll get to even attend a cacao ceremony and immerse yourself in long-held Belizean customs. Even better, the package offers a shaman cleansing, done entirely for you and the rejuvenation of your spirit. Enter as a burnt-out individual seeking relaxation, and leave feeling lighter and wholly replenished. 

On one of your three nights, you can choose to observe Gaia’s very own magic show under the stars. Breathing in the al fresco air, listening to the chirps of crickets and the occasional hoots of howler monkeys. The ambiance is just half of the thrill! Unplug, let go, and enjoy all the wonders Gaia has to offer. 

All photos courtesy of Gaia Riverlodge.

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