Celebrate This World Indigenous People’s Day with Hamanasi

by Giulissa Hernandez

Step into a world where vibrant cultures dance in harmony, ancient rhythms reverberate through the air, and the whispers of nature intertwine with the echoes of indigenous traditions. On World Indigenous Peoples Day, look to Hamanasi Adventure Dive and Resort in Belize, where the veil between the ordinary and the extraordinary is lifted, and magic awaits. Prepare to embark on a journey that will transport you to the heart of Belize’s diverse indigenous cultures. Hamansi is where time-honored traditions, captivating landscapes, and the spirit of celebration converge. This regenerative resort invites you to immerse yourself in the extraordinary tapestry of indigenous heritage and natural wonders that make Belize come alive, especially on this special day.

Explore Belize’s Kaleidoscopic Cultures with Hamanasi


It’s no secret that Belize is a hub for cultures near and far. Hamanasi has the advantage of being right at the heart of this hub. Located in Hopkins, Hamanasi is the perfect starting point for your journey into cultural immersion. The Stann Creek district may be known for its bountiful Garifuna culture, but you also find many Mestizos, Creole, East Indian, and Maya locals. Engage with the local community and have them teach you a thing or two that they hold dear to their way of life. It might be drumming, dancing, or weaving traditional crafts. Get a little more in-depth and learn how to cook traditional meals from the Garinagu. 

With Hamanasi’s Garifuna cooking tour, you’ll leave with more than just a satisfied belly. As you master the art of the mouthwatering dish of hudut, you’ll also learn about the Garifuna people’s history and how they came to thrive in Belize. You’ll even be able to dress in their vibrant traditional attire. Sway along to the beat of pounding drums as you savor the taste of the creamy coconut fish stew.

Venture into the Maya Heartland 

Central America as a whole is known for its various Maya temples, and Belize has its fair share of truly magnificent sites! On Hamanasi’s Magical Maya History Tour, travel to the Cayo district. There, the “Stone Maiden” or Xunantunich awaits, towering at 130 feet. Then, head to Cahal Pech – “the place of ticks” – which sits nestled inside lush forest. It’s a truly informative and life-changing experience. Each Maya site is unique and distinct, and each holds its cultural markings on Belize’s history. This journey teaches travelers about the amazing ancient Maya civilization and how their descendants still practice some of their customs today. 

Delve even deeper into Belize’s Maya culture with the Che’il Mayan Chocolate Tour. Doesn’t that sound delicious already? Don your apron and try your hand at making sweet, velvety chocolatey goodness. Go from cracking open the cacao to grinding it with a traditional mortar and pestle. You won’t get a more fruitful reward than this: feel the accomplishment wash over you as the chocolate bar you made melts on your tongue. 

Honor Indigenous People’s Day with Hamanasi

Hamanasi has more cultural experiences than just the ones mentioned here. If you’re seeking a truly culturally stimulating experience when you visit, we guarantee that their Regenerative Belize Package has a lot to offer! This eco-resort captures the beauty of Belize and shares it with visitors in an invigorating way. 

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Traveling later this year? Plan ahead and book a trip for when Belize observes Indigenous People’s Resistance Day on October 12th. Or, look to November for all things Garifuna Settlement Day.

Photos courtesy of Hamanasi

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