Chan Chich Lodge: The Therapeutic Nature Experience You Owe Yourself

by Larry Waight

Traveling outside of your home country can be a boon for many reasons. Getting away from the familiar can unblock your thought process, expose you to new experiences and give you a breather from the chaos of your day-to-day way of living. When considering all of the discord over the last few years, 2023 seems a welcome time to investigate traveling to a place that is far removed from what you know without veering into the completely alien. “Sure, but where should I look?” you may ask; the answer is simple, the natural environs of a jungle lodge like Belize’s Chan Chich Lodge.

The Perks of Being in Nature

While we have already touched on why travel, in general, is good for your mental health, it is also worth mentioning some of the benefits that come with spending time around nature.

  • It’s healing: Nature exposure can drown out negative emotions and feelings, replacing them with positive ones. While feeling better is wonderful, nature exposure also lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension.
  • It’s soothing: Nature imagery has been proven to counteract sensations of pain.
  • It allows for restoration: Several studies have reported that people tend to have a better mood and reduced anxiety after spending some time outdoors. Exposure to nature gives humans time to become contemplative, thinking over their problems and solutions. They also become more aware, likely from looking at little details like animal life or vibrant flora.
  • It offers an alternative to screens: Most people are nature-deprived due to all the time spent gazing at screens and monitors. This deprivation can contribute to depression and a deficit in empathy and altruism. Some studies have even drawn a link between excessive screen-watching and death!

Considering all of these points in the favor of vacationing around nature, Chan Chich is one of the best getaways for a traveler. That’s because this jungle lodge just happens to be located within La Selva Maya (“The Maya Forest”). The Maya Forest is a verdant mass of rainforest that spreads across Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico and happens to be the largest contiguous forest above the Amazon Basin.

“All of this sounds good but I don’t really know all that much about Belize!” you may say. Well here is a breakdown of some of the great things about the country to further illuminate why a nature-focused jungle lodge like Chan Chich is worth your time.

Belize: Natural and Unhurried

If you’ve been reading this without a translation, then you know all the languages necessary to get by. English is the official language of Belize thanks to its former status as a British colony. That being said, you can also work on your Spanish with the locals, as well as with neighboring Mexicans and Guatemalans.

Belize’s population density of 35 people per square mile means that there is plenty of natural terrain to immerse yourself in. And, you will rarely deal with traffic or crowds.

Plus, don’t worry about overspending. The Belizean Dollar (BZD) is locked to half the value of the United States Dollar (USD), meaning that you just need to halve the price to figure out how much your vacation is costing you.

Enjoy Close Encounters with Nature at Chan Chich Lodge

While Belize is home to many sites that were built by the ancient Maya, expeditions are still finding new ones. New sites mean new opportunities to explore the country’s history and Maya culture. Chan Chich offers its guests off-site tours of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave, Lamanai, Tikal, and Xunantunich.

Belize is also teeming with wildlife, some of which are endangered, like jaguars and manatees. (In fact, the country is also proudly home to the only sanctuary for jaguars on the planet.)

At Chan Chich, nature lovers and history buffs alike can enjoy the best of Belize. The jungle lodge currently offers three different cottage tiers for its guests in 2023, but even the most frugal cottage guests can bask in the colors and sounds of Belizean nature, regardless of whether they are inside or outside.

Enjoy a relaxing stay at one of the best spots for birding in Belize
Horseback riding at Chan Chich allows for exhilarating ways to explore the natural landscape

For guests interested in exploring the lush rainforest, there are several trails to walk and hike. And to take the adventure up a notch, horseback rides and vehicle tours are possible as well. Ready for some therapeutic encounters with nature? Book your stay with Chan Chich soon.

All photos courtesy of property unless otherwise stated. 

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