Here’s How You Can Check Multiple Countries off Your Travel Bucket List When You Plan a Trip to Belize

by Khaila Gentle
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By air or by road, explore Belize and the rest of Latin America with ease, thanks to twice weekly flights with Copa Airlines and newly reinstated bus lines from Mexico and Guatemala .

Perched beside the sea, the country of Belize is much more than just a beautiful Caribbean destination. Thanks to new travel routes, by air and by land, this small but eclectic nation is slowly becoming a gateway to the rest of Latin America, too.  Got more than one country on your travel bucket list?  Here are some new travel routes that make multi-destination travel from Belize to Mexico and Central America a breeze.

Head North with ADO or West with Fuente del Norte

With the recent return of two bus lines, intrepid travelers will now be able to explore Mexico or Guatemala after a sojourn in Belize with ease. In mid-April, Belize’s Department of Transport announced that ADO Bus Line and Fuente del Norte will once again be providing service from Belize to its neighboring countries. Head north to Merida or Cancun with ADO, or go west to Flores or Guatemala City with Fuente del Norte.

Enjoy comfortable and luxurious transportation during your multi-destination travels, complete with scenic views along the way.  And, if you’re hoping to go a bit further, head south to Panama thanks to new weekly flights by Copa Airlines.

Explore Belize and Panama with Copa Airlines’ Twice Weekly Flights


Starting this summer, Copa Airlines will be offering twice-weekly service to Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City, through the Hub of the Americas in Panama City.  Flights will be every Tuesday and Friday, operating on the following schedule:

Departs Panama at 3:10pm and arrives in Belize at 4:27pm.

Departs Belize at 5:21pm and arrives at Panama at 8:50pm.

Copa offers travelers convenient connections with other countries in Latin America (as well as Canada, Europe, and the US). Book your flight here.

About Central America

Made up of 7 countries -Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panamá – Central America is the bridge between North and South America.  As a collective region, it boasts some of the best birdwatching, snorkeling, tropical adventures, and cultural experiences in the world. It is home to some 65 different indigenous groups, over 560 languages, and a plethora of diverse cultures.

With an array of bespoke experiences for everyone from the luxury traveler to the budget conscious, the countries of Central America are certainly travel bucket list worthy!

Featured Photo by ROEming Belize 

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