A New Belize Gold Book Is Coming 2023

by Carolee Chanona

Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle introduces a new curated travelogue, evergreen with the best Belize experiences! With market-leading publications, Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle is the only brand consistently representing Belize in the travel space since 2018. The new 2023 Belize Gold Book aims to function as both a timeless travel guide and souvenir, beautiful enough for your coffee table. Like past editions, the Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book will provide a true sense of Belize — a dually Caribbean and Central American destination with an outstanding collection of people, places, and cultures. However, unique to this expansion, the 2023 Belize Gold Book will include a full-page feature for all clients alongside over 100 pages of:

  • Destination guides
  • On-the-ground experiences and events
  • Where to stay
  • Where to eat
  • What to pack
  • Local tips
  • Select editorial features
  • Sample Itineraries

The Belize Gold Book also launches with the first-ever Caribbean Culture & Lifestyle Reader’s Choice Awards: a recognition program designed to highlight the best of the best in the travel industry, chosen by you—our readers. Categories and criteria will be announced soon.

Stay tuned for more details on the 2023 Belize Gold Book. Contact us today to advertise in the Belize Gold Book!

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle: A Brand Of Discovery

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Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle (CCL) is a part of the McNab Visual Portfolio. Within the travel brand, The Belize Gold Book is the flagship publication, debuting with its inaugural edition in 2020. Through the Belize Gold Book, online at www.caribbeanlifestyle.com, and with social media, Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle inspires thousands of travelers with sights set on Belize, every day.

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