Corozal vs. Orange Walk: Which Belize Destination Is Right For You? 

by Larry Waight

Are you looking for a Belize destination that’s not on an island or a beach? You may have heard about Corozal and Orange Walk as good alternatives if you want to spend your time inland. Which one is a better choice for you?

What’s Great About Corozal?

With a location just over the Mexican border, Belize’s most northern district has a strong Mexican influence. You’re likely to hear Spanish spoken as often as you hear English in the city.
Although it’s not a primary tourist destination, travelers and expatriates have fallen for the quiet charms of villages like Consejo and Sarteneja. These communities sit on the gorgeous, unspoiled waterfront where fishermen still fish for lobsters and conch.

Sarteneja, with a population of 4,500, is officially one of Belize’s largest community. It is a working fishing village that also has a thriving trade in handmade, artisan watercraft.

The capital, Corozal Town, is a serene, lovely town on the scenic waters of the Bay of Chetumal. Strolling along its shaded promenades along the bay is a favorite activity here. The town is next door to Chetumal, a vibrant, buy Mexican city where you can find top-quality shopping, dining, movies, and health care facilities.

You should consider Corozal if you want rustic, pristine beaches, closer to an urban center and scenic bay views.


What’s Great About Orange Walk?

Orange Walk is rich in history and culture. Many Belizeans consider it the best place to eat street tacos in the whole country. The district is home to important Maya ruins such as La Milpa and Lamanai.

The Orange Walk District is one of the most scenic districts in Belize. Some of its most beautiful areas are preserved in the Rio Bravo Conservation Area, Belize’s largest nature reserve. The Shipstern Nature Reserve and Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary draw thousands of birders and wildlife photographers every year.

The district is home to the Mennonite communities that have lived in Belize for the past few decades. The Mennonite farms produce most of Belize’s dairy products and other agricultural products. Their well-maintained farms are worth a visit, especially if you decide to buy fresh produce, cheese or honey.

Orange Walk does not have a coastline, but it does have the inland Honey Camp Lagoon.

Orange Walk is a good choice if you want a pleasant, picturesque destination that’s filled with historic and cultural activities.

lamanai boat ridelamanai
Lamanai - Maya Site © Duarte Dellarole
honey camp lagoon
Photo by Abril viaja en bici

Make Your Choice

It can be hard to choose the perfect Belize destination. Why not spend time in both? Any vacation to Belize is a good vacation. 

Written by Larry Waight

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