COVID-19 Pandemic Leads To Urban Exodus and Off-The-Grid Living

by McNab Editorial Team

Recently, Forbes reported an ‘Urban Exodus As Families Turn To Self-Reliance And Off-The-Grid Living’ due to the pandemic. In their report, they cited that nearly one-third of Americans are considering moving to less densely populated areas in the wake of the pandemic. Undoubtedly, the ever-growing COVID-19 cases in urban cities, combined with the already present burdens of city-living, have many reassessing their current living situations. Hence, moves to off-the-grid living and simple lifestyles are having a resurgence, including in Belize.

For those thinking 2021 is their year to make a move, Carmelita Gardens may be just the place you are looking for. Certainly, this retired nurse thought so. Here, she found nature and space in abundance, a simpler life and the ability to reconnect with oneself. Here is all you need to know about off-the-grid living at Carmelita Gardens.

Off-the-grid living in the Caribbean Heartland

Our motto is simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.

Nestled within the Cayo district on the banks of the Belize River exists a 98-acre self- sufficient community. Here, Carmelita Gardens is designed to evoke a simpler time when life’s pace was slower. For example, the food is grown locally and modern off-the-grid technology is used to live off nature.

Carmelita Gardens simple living retirees belize

Carmelita Gardens’ homes are curated around sustainable living and being self-sufficient. Cottages are organically designed and all materials are locally sourced. Even better, all the cottages are 100% naturally powered by a shared micro-grid system which utilizes solar power and rainwater  for electric & water. In addition, each cottage comes fitted with local furniture and materials. For those who would like to design their own retirement home from scratch, this is an option for custom homes too. Work with the team, to completely design your property; they’ll blend your wants and needs their expert advice on living sustainably.

A place with Community at Heart

At the heart of living at Carmelita Gardens, is the community. They develop a sustainable community through energy independence, responsible agriculture, art, education, and entrepreneurship. Above all, your neighbors will become your friends. Those you farm with, those you visit the local surroundings with and those you bond with.

Carmelita Gardens vegetables

Try before you buy

Carmelita Gardens realizes where you choose to live is a huge decision. Therefore, they invite guests to experience the community first-hand on their tours.  Interested parties can spend four days at Carmelita Gardens, exploring both what the community and its surrounding area has to offer.

Why Move to Belize?

In April, Forbes ranked Belize one of the top three places to retire or move to post-pandemic. Why? Firstly, the fact that the country is English-speaking and in the CARICOM are big pulls. Not to mention, the flight times from major US cities are relatively short; we haven’t even started to cover the abundance of natural beauty within the country. You can choose to live amongst the lush rainforest or beachside with views of the Caribbean Sea.

For more information on moving to Belize or to visit Carmelita Gardens, visit their website.

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