How To Spend A Day on Ambergris Caye’s Popular ‘Secret Beach’

by Dion Vansen

From the moment you arrive on Ambergris Caye, Secret Beach will be a common thread woven on the list of recommended places to visit on the Belize island. Found about 7 miles north of town and for many years considered an insider’s destination, today Secret Beach is considered one of the most popular attractions on Ambergris Caye. For many, it is a perfect destination to spend all day lounging on a sandy beach, far from the hustle and bustle of San Pedro Town. Simultaneously, its clear shore is packed with a lively atmosphere, great food, drinks, and even live entertainment. Let us share with you how to make the best of it when you visit Ambergris Caye’s famous Secret Beach

Getting there

Get around town by golf cart or, for fun, on a walking food tour. Image by Belize Food Tours

The most common way to get to Secret Beach is by road via (rented) golf cart, but docking is also available for boats. There’s no boat ferry, but it might be a stop-over option by your guide after a day of fishing or exploring. If driving north of San Pedro Town, get ready for a journey of almost 45 minutes. All in all, the drive is about four miles north of town, then three miles west. A large portion of the road is now paved with cement while the remaining stretch has been recently rehabilitated, so the drive is not too bumpy. That finished stretch of road will take you westward and after some time driving on a dirt road, the Secret Beach sign is the first thing to welcome you.  After, the beachside restaurants & bars line off. 

What to do


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There’s plenty to entertain yourself while at Secret Beach. Depending on what day of the week and time of day you arrive, it may be crowded. Because of the distance, most people try to arrive early to make the most out of the day.


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The most popular activities are to get in the water and refresh yourself with the pristine turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. On this side of the island, there is almost no wave action, thus making it even more attractive to lounge. And even better, because it’s on the western side of the island when the sargasso makes the San Pedro beaches difficult to swim at, Secret Beach is unaffected.

After a couple of minutes in the water, choose one of the many restaurants and bars along the beach; they each offer a food menu, fully stocked bars, and either a DJ or live music.


The eponymous sign at Secret Beach, Ambergris Caye. Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

Feeling lazy to get out of the water? No problem, the restaurant staff will come to your aid and deliver any food or drinks you may want to order. The most common are buckets of beer and snacks like nachos or ceviche. Popular establishments include Blue Bayou, which was the first Bar & Restaurant over water at Secret Beach, and Pirate’s Not-So-Secret Beach Bar & Grill, which is found directly behind the destination’s eponymous sign. However, more food businesses and small-scale souvenir vendors keep popping up almost every month.

Bonus activity: Secret Beach Waterpark 


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Besides swimming, sunbathing, drinking, eating, and even dancing with the DJs or live bands at Secret Beach, it is not a bad idea to try the waterpark onsite. The website claims it is the first floating adventure waterpark in Belize, which only lends to its popularity.


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Now, even more, families can bring their kids and play with them in the water park on the sea. It’s a fairly new addition to Secret Beach, introduced in April 2021 by Happy Island Beach Bar & Grill. Here, guests can swing, jump, climb, slide, splash, and just have a fun time with the kiddos.  

Don’t miss a sunset


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End your day at Secret Beach with the most anticipated event of the day: the sunset. Sunsets are gorgeous at this beach, especially on clear days; watch from the water, head to Blue Bayou’s second-story deck, or view from your in-water swing at Secret Beach Cabanas. It’s yet another reason that Secret Beach makes it high on the list of must-do activities when on Ambergris Caye. After sunset, it is recommended to leave to avoid getting caught by two things: traffic, since that’s when everyone is heading back to town, and mosquitos, since there’s also no electric grid yet either. 

Don’t be shy to repeat the following day, as every day is a new adventure in this piece of paradise. 

Header image via Blue Bayou.

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