Making The Most Of Only A Day Trip to San Ignacio

by McNab Editorial Team

San Ignacio Town is located in the Cayo District and it’s a beautiful and diverse town worthy of visiting! The charming hillside town is home to a bustling market, pristine rivers, amazing archaeological sites and Belize’s adventure hub. When in San Ignacio, why not take a journey into the Maya underworld at Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM), the Cave of the Stone Sepulchre? Famed for its geological beauty and crystalline stalagmites and stalactites, this cave also doubles as a natural museum, complete with ancient Maya artifacts – plus a sacred burial space! 

So you’re in San Ignacio for the day and you’re wondering what to do…

ATM Cave - San Ignacio
Actun Tunichil Muknal – Photo Courtesy: Leonardo Melendez Photography

Did you wake up a little late?

pops cayo san ignacio restaurant

Photo courtesy of Pop’s Restaurant/Facebook

No problem! San Ignacio offers a plethora of activities and attractions, right in town. Stop by Pop’s Restaurant for all day breakfast; this is the town’s favorite little diner. A short stroll uphill from the bustling Burns Avenue, one can find AJAW Chocolate, a small workshop where you’ll meet “cacao man” Adrian Choco. Adrian invites visitors on a short but sweet journey as he teaches them to make chocolate from scratch.


Further uphill, visitors can sign up for a highly informative and educational exhibit at the San Ignacio Resort Hotel. The exhibit takes a look at the once-endangered Green Iguana. It teaches guests how vital our lizard buddies are to the ecological balance of their river habitat. Not to mention, the Green Iguana Conservation Project was voted as the #1 thing to do in San Ignacio on TripAdvisor. 

Continuing to the top of the hill, hikers (or riders) will arrive at the archaeological site, Cahal Pech; this site translates to Place of The Ticks. This famous Maya site is home to the earliest carved stele (inscribed stone slab) ever recovered in Belize. The stele depicts a Maya ruler emerging from the jaws of a great monster believed to be a jaguar. From its position high atop the hillside, the majestic temples of Cahal Pech still look out over the valley where the great Macal and Mopan Rivers join to become the Belize River. By the end of the day, you’re surely ready to eat. Stop by Simply Delicious Restaurant on the principal highway in San Ignacio. Taste their Pasta Maya and let them educate you on Chaya, a locally grown leafy green veggie that is chock full of nutrients!

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