Discover The Best Diving Experiences in Placencia, Belize with Splash Dive Center 

by Larry Waight

Belize is a rare example of a tropical paradise that offers plenty of activities in and around the Caribbean Sea but without the need to understand Spanish. That having been said, anyone with a passion for diving into these amazing blue waters will want to deal with a company that prides itself on top service and expertise; this is where Splash Dive Center enters the picture. Operational since 2000, Patty Ramirez’s Splash Dive Center in Southern Belize is a certified supplier of diving and snorkeling experiences while also offering multiple opportunities for inland adventure and cultural exploration.


Snorkeling Middle Silk Caye with Splash IDC Center. Image courtesy Carolee Chanona

Splash Belize is especially notable as it has a fleet of at least five boats in order to suit a wide variety of excursion parties, each assisted with the knowledge and experience of at least one trained professional in scuba gear and navigating the waters off the coast of Belize and its many cayes.

The Best Diving Spots

©MLowen via Splash Dive Center

As the most prominent dive center in the country, this Placencia-based business also knows all of the best spots to take an adventurous group for a dive. Some of the more notable and scenic locales that Splash Dive Center can lead a tour of include Gladden Spit, Glover’s Reef, the inner and outer reefs of Placencia, Turneffe Lighthouse Atoll, and the Great Blue Hole.

Great Blue Hole

Snorkeling the Great Blue Hole. Image by Belize Tourism Board

The Great Blue Hole is a gaping, 1,000-foot diameter wide, a 400-foot deep marine sinkhole that was established when the water levels rose and flooded a cave system millions of years in the past. While best suited to experienced divers, this venue is busy with a variety of marine species, including several varieties of sharks. 

great blue hole belize

Stalactites of the Great Blue Hole. Photo by Antonio Busiello/WWF

 After, the Belize Barrier Reef is the second-largest barrier reef on the planet and is home to hundreds of marine species, including coral, saltwater crocodiles, dolphins, manatees, rays, sea turtles, sharks, and sponges. The aforementioned Great Blue Hole is actually connected to the Belize Barrier Reef; this also means that both sites are classified as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Learning the Ropes from the Experts

Whether you are a total novice in the world of underwater exploration or looking to improve your experience, the trained professionals of this PADI-certified company can give you lessons at a respectable price point or even teach you everything that is necessary for you to become a PADI-certified dive instructor yourself. PADI is an acronym that stands for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors.

One notable initiative spurred on by the company would be the “Splash Kids Club.” This philanthropic endeavor seeks to educate children who are unable to afford scuba lessons due to circumstances and certify them as Junior Open Water divers. While the opportunity to go diving on a regular basis is certainly a rewarding perk of this education program, the hope is that it might inspire some of these kids to become guides or certified diving instructors or at least leave them with a greater appreciation for the environment and conservation efforts being made to preserve it.

A Company that Cares

While giving people plenty of opportunities to safely explore the aquatic beauty off Belize’s coastline is certainly an admirable pursuit, Splash Dive Center also acknowledges that the underwater ecosystem can be greatly damaged through the inaction and careless behavior of others.

This is why the company regularly participates and collaborates with various environmental companies and campaigns that have dedicated their efforts toward preserving Belize’s natural wonders and allowing the life within those waters to thrive. This conservation and concern for the environment also mean that each of Splash Dive Center’s employees is fully educated on how to safely interact with the many varieties of sea creatures that swim, feed and sleep within the Caribbean.

Why Belize with Splash Dive Center

Tour guides on Silk Caye. Image by Esoteric Vision Photography

If you plan to go diving while visiting the country of Belize, Splash Dive Center is the best place to go for that experience – especially in Placencia. Not only does it feature a fleet of fully-certified staff and provide access to the top locations everyone likes to dive, but it also understands the majesty it enjoys daily and educates others on how to preserve and appreciate that beauty. 

All images courtesy Splash Dive Center unless stated otherwise.

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