Discover the Enchanting Copal Tree Lodge on Your Summer Getaway to Belize

by Larry Waight

It’s not likely that Lebanese poet, philosopher, and visual artist Kahlil Gibran had opportunities to see every tree on Planet Earth, but his pithy homage, “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky,” says plenty about the reverence for trees that is shared by all societies. Pre-Columbian people believed that trees are sacred, symbolizing the power of life that springs from the underworld.

Among the most fascinating trees in the Western Hemisphere are Copal trees, revered by ancient Mayas and used during rituals requiring the harvesting of smoky sweet incense from the tree’s sap. Mesoamericans considered copal tree resins to be “the blood of trees”, so versatile that they were used to make paint, makeup, medicines, adhesives, and works of art. Given this impressive list of credentials, it’s no mystery why the minds behind Belize’s Copal Tree Lodge chose the name for this lush resort.

Why Copal Tree Lodge for Your Summer Getaway?

Photo by Copal Tree Lodge, A Muy’Ono Resort

There’s absolutely nothing “ordinary” about this sanctuary hidden within a dense, verdant jungle. Every accommodation was chosen after conferring with Mother Nature about incorporating the outdoors with interior furnishings designed for comfort, privacy, and gracious vacationing. If you’re not convinced of each lodging’s elegance, take a VR-enabled tour here and you’ll be convinced.

By the way, if you’ve ever had a getaway ruined by crowds, you’ll fall even more in love with CTL because there are only 16 suites and one villa on the grounds.

Simplify everything about your escape by browsing Copal Tree Lodge’s all-inclusive packages that allow you to customize your stay to fit your budget, interests, and desires. Then, count on Mother Nature to be your guide as you select from the treats listed on the resort’s tour menu. It covers every aspect of a Belize stay, from water sports and adventures to cultural experiences and even health and wellness. 

Come to Restore Your Balance and Perspective

Typical Caribbean resorts cater to crowds (it’s how they make a profit!), but if you’ve had your fill of the lines, congestion, and noise that can turn your restorative getaway into anything but, this is your haven, and for so many reasons.

Make Copal Tree Lodge your holiday headquarters. Here’s you’ll be able to relax within the confines of an eco-resort that prioritizes sustainable food production and agritourism. Revitalize your spirit and sojourn amid the historic lands of the Maya, thought to be a magical and sacred place by frequent visitors. 

Learn about the intriguing history and roots surrounding the beginnings of this enterprise that started in the 1860s. Plus, enjoy superior amenities that include a swimming pool, fitness center, yoga palapa, nature trails and shops.

Borrow complimentary kayaks, paddleboards, and bicycles to create your own adventure story. Or, make friends while socializing at the onsite organic farm, rum distillery, or lobby lounge. 

A Proud Member of the Muy’ono Family of Properties

When children are respectful, polite, and obedient, parents get all the credit. When a resort property earns the respect and admiration of guests, reviewers, and travel professionals, citing the company that ensures quality vacations and stands behind its services and experiences can be hard to find these days. Not so at Copal Tree Lodge, the pride of Muy’ono Resorts, where personalized guest service is elevated to an art.

From hiring the most welcoming service professionals to maintenance of the paradise that welcomes guests to another world, rest assured your expectations won’t be met—they’ll be exceeded! Summer is here. You have choices. If your choices require staying at Belize’s best and most authentic resorts, you’ll never be disappointed.

All photos by Copal Tree Lodge, A Muy’Ono Resort unless captioned otherwise

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