Enjoy Family Friendly Fun at Sirenian Bay Resort

by Andrea Murray

If you’re searching for a family-friendly destination that ticks all the boxes, look no further than Placencia. This hidden gem on Belize’s coast is the perfect place to create lasting memories with your loved ones. One of the standout features here is the warm and welcoming atmosphere which extends a sense of security and relaxation. And if you’re seeking a delightful range of activities, set your sights on Sirenian Bay Resort, conveniently situated at mile 17.5 in Placencia. Here, discover a world of possibilities to eat, play and explore, creating cherished memories with your family and friends. 

Treat Your Taste Buds Then Enjoy Endless Rounds of Mini-Golf Fun

Sirenian Bay’s mini golf course, Inky’s, which doubles as a restaurant and bar offers a combination of food and fun that will definitely impress the entire family. Start your adventure with a delicious breakfast or lunch that features a delightful variety of flavors. As the sun bathes Placencia in a warm afternoon, treat yourself to a scoop of mouthwatering gelato, a sweet treat to refresh your taste buds. And when the day transitions into evening, enjoy a few rounds of mini-golf. Inky’s is a paradise for those who love outdoor fun and games. Challenge your family and friends to a game of mini golf on their captivating 18-hole course, where you’ll navigate through a nice golf course and tricky obstacles. After, make your way to the three 60 martini Bar, where you can turn up the heat with a delicious cocktail while enjoying the breathtaking sunset. 

Explore the Wonders of Placencia With Sirenian Bay Resort

Photo courtesy Sirenian Bay Resort & Villas

To truly immerse yourself in the beauty of the Placencia Peninsula, book a stay at Sirenian Bay Resort. Though all-inclusive, Sirenian Bay offers the opportunity to explore the peninsula on your terms. You can book an exciting excursion to discover the hidden gems of Belize’s coastline or simply rent a golf cart to meander along the Peninsula’s picturesque streets. This way, you can set your own pace and create a unique adventure tailored to your preferences. 

More than just a destination, Sirenian Bay offers an experience that combines fantastic food, thrilling activities, and the freedom to explore the beauty of Placencia. If you’re looking for a more active experience than mini-golf, try your hand at pickleball or tennis, providing hours of competitive enjoyment. Whether you’re savoring a gelato, competing on the mini golf course, or embarking on a Peninsula adventure, Placencia promises an unforgettable time with your loved ones. Don’t miss the chance to eat, play, and explore your way through this fantastic corner of Belize. 

Photos courtesy of Sirenian Bay & Inky’s 

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