Updated Traveler Classification & Entry Requirements for Belize

by McNab Editorial Team

At Belize’s October 1 reopening and thereafter, entry requirements for various classifications of traveler carry slight variations. As of October 6, this is the most updated information from the Belize Tourism Board. Here’s the breakdown and what you need to know about Belize’s entry requirements starting October 1:

Important information for ALL categories of travelers prior to arrival in Belize

Updated Traveler Matrix Belize Entry Requirements

All arriving passengers to Belize must download and complete the Belize Health App with the required information. Information required by the Belize Health App should be filled out within 72 hours of your trip. Here, you will then receive a unique code as confirmation of successfully meeting all app requirements. It is important that this be done prior to arrival for a significant reduction of wait time at the airport; once completed, save a copy (e.g. screenshot) of your unique QR code. You can download the Belize Travel Health App by clicking here.

*The Belize Health App forms DO NOT need to be filled out more than 72 hours in advance. If you do so any earlier, the unique code will expire and you will have to start the process over.*

All inbound passengers will be screened on arrival to Belize with contact-less technology. In addition to undergoing non-invasive temperature checks and observations, passengers may be subject to additional testing depending on screening results. As a reminder, face masks are required to be worn at all times throughout the entire airport process; from deplaning to exiting the airport.

Entry Requirements 

Caribbean Culture + Lifestyle has broken down the traveler classifications in order to assist you in deciding which category you fall in and some general rules you should know before travel.  Details of the entry requirements for each classification immediately follows. See graphic below.

1. Entry Requirements for Belizean Citizens and Residents

Citizens are classified as persons with Belizean passports. Alternatively, residents are classed as individuals with permanent residence or individuals with a valid work permit. The Diaspora are those who were born in Belize but may be permanent residents or passport holders of other nationalities.

Upon arrival, Belizean citizens and residents will be required to take a Covid-19 test at Belize’s International Airport at the travelers expense of US$50.00 and wait for results before being able to leave. Once results are negative, citizens and residents will be released to start a 10-day self-quarantine within your home.  The Ministry of Health will advise once you are cleared from the quarantine period.

Belizean citizens and residents will still need to register to come home in Phase 3 of reopening. You can do so  at the following link: Register to come to Belize Belizean citizens and residents in this category do not need to wait for approval of this registration process.

2. Entry Requirements for persons with business concerns in Belize, but are not on a work permit.

All persons within with business concerns must register  to visit  Belize. You can do so  at the following link: Appy to visit to Belize and wait for your approval before traveling to Belize..

Upon arrival you will be required to take a mandatory Covid-19 test at Belize’s International Airport; at your own expense of US$50.00 per person and wait for you’re results before exiting. Once the entire airport process is complete: clearance from health officials, customs and immigration you will then proceed to your destination and stay at a Gold Standard Approved Hotel and move around with approved transportation.

This category of traveler is exempt from the 10-day self-quarantine. However, they must submit an approved itinerary and stay in a Gold-Standard approved hotel and arrangements made for the use of a vehicle with a trained driver (no public transportation). It would be advised that those seeking investment and business prospects in Belize work with a local real estate or investment office so that they can assist in guiding you through this process.

3. Entry requirements for foreign second home owners, Qualified retired persons (QRP) and long stay non-nationals.

All persons that fall within with categories listed above in #3 must apply to visit Belize and submit proof of home ownership/lease and/or QRP ID card. You can apply at the following link: Appy to visit to Belize

Upon arrival, you will be required to take a mandatory Covid-19 test at Belize’s International Airport at the travelers expense of US$50.00 and wait for results before being able to leave. Once results are negative, you will be released to start a 10-day self-quarantine within your home.  The Ministry of Health will advise once you are cleared from the quarantine period.

4. Entry Requirements for Foreign Tourists

Tourists are not required to apply and wait for approval to come to Belize. Foreign Tourists are asked to arrive in Belize with a PCR Test and have negative results to show within the 72 hours of boarding their flight to Belize. If you do not provide a negative test result, you will be required to take a Covid-19 test  at Belize’s International Airport. This is at a cost of US$50.00 per person.  Please note that even with a negative test upon arrival, depending on health screening results, tourists may be randomly selected for secondary testing.

Tourists who need to be swabbed at the airport for their COVID-19 test will continue to be processed through Immigration and Customs. Thereafter, they will exit the Airport within the Safe Corridor and receive their test results while at their Gold Standard hotel. This will minimize the processing time at the Airport and allow for a smoother and faster passenger flow.

All tourists must book a hotel with a Gold Standard approved property (see full list here). All tours, activities and entertainment must also be booked with their hotel (or partnering Gold Standard Tour Operator) to ensure that they remain within Belize’s Safe Corridor. Additionally, tourists will be subject to daily check-in via the Belize Travel Health App.

The Belize Travel Health App

Reminder to all categories of travelers that the Belize Health App must be filled out in order to enter Belize no matter your nationality or purpose. You can download the Belize Health App by clicking hereOnce information is completed and you are given a unique QR code,  save a copy (via screenshot) for travel to Belize.

What if I test positive? 

Visitors who test positive will need to remain in the mandatory quarantine at the approved hotel; this is at their own expense until cleared as negative. However, this mandatory 14-day quarantine following a positive test applies to both tourists and Belizeans. For more information, visit belizetourismboard.org.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This blog was originally published on September 12. The most recent edit has been made October 6.

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